Black Desert marks four years on mobile with events and giveaways, opens an FFA PvP server on PC


It’s a happy fourth birthday for Black Desert Mobile, but as usual the players are the ones getting the cake and presents, as the mobile MMORPG is bursting with videos, events, giveaways, and goodies all across the board.

Players logging into the game between now and December 11th should find a free in-game lottery ticket, which lets them select five numbers and enter into a drawing to win up to 10,000 black pearls. The winning numbers will be randomly drawn during an anniversary livestream scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th.

On top of the black pearl lotto, there are other events like valuable goodies at Shakatu’s Special Shop until December 18th, login rewards to collect until December 18th, and an XP-boosting Hot Time event that’s available between December 9th and 10th.

Meanwhile, on the PC version of the MMORPG, there’s a new FFA PvP server on the block known as Arsha: Anonymous, which hides all player character details like names and guild affiliation and flags everyone for PvP everywhere in order to create “an atmosphere solely focused on freely engaging other adventurers in combat.”

In addition to the new Arsha server, the week’s patch brings another suite of class balance updates, applies adjustments to several bosses in the Black Shrine, makes the green thumb minigame easier to play, and introduces several updates to the Great Ocean content to facilitate solo play and better reward vets who team with lower-level captains. There are also several events involving plump fish, finding someone’s mystery box, and hunting a treasure hoarder, as well as another round of login rewards.

sources: press release, Black Desert PC site
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