Warcraft Rumble brings a new troop, new PvP map, and a wintertime gift in its second season


Warcraft Rumble, Blizzard’s recently released mobile multiplayer game that we found to be “slick but shambolic,” has moved on to its second season this week, bringing with it a new mini, a new map, and an upcoming freebie to mark the winter season.

Headlining Season 2 is the arrival of Chimaera, a dual-headed dragon of chaos that spits poison and lightning balls. The new troop can be gained from the Guild Warchest, by playing in PvP, or purchased in one of three cash shop bundles that will release over the course of the season, though it won’t be able to be played in G.R.I.D. until the start of Season 3.

Speaking of PvP, there’s also a new PvP map themed around the Arathi Basin. To unlock the map, players must win PvE battles and earn eight sigils, after which they can play the map all through Season 2 in order to earn a pair of seasonal emotes.

Finally, the update will let players collect a F.R.E.E. (For Rumblers’ Enjoyment Everywhere, get it? Hah hah) present that grants minis, coins, and XP between December 26th and January 1st, provided players have at least 25 sigils.

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