Lord of the Rings Online readies Ill Omens event, Update 39, and 2024 roadmap


After the holiday break, Lord of the Rings Online’s team is revving up for another year in Middle-earth. In this past Friday’s studio livestream, SSG outlined what players should expect to see in the coming weeks.

First up is January 10th’s Update 38.2 with adjustments to crafting guilds, improvements to Umbar, rank 30 allegiance, and a fix for human hairstyles. But it’s the imminent return of the Ill Omens event which is of greater interest, especially as the studio is adding a slew of new rewards such as pets (jackal, snake, crab) and high-level cloaks.

Standing Stone Games said that Update 39 with its instance cluster and Corsairs of Umbar raid should be going on the test server in the next couple weeks. Players should also expect to see the year’s roadmap and public event schedule soon.

Source: YouTube
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