Survival MMO Age of Water previews hostile NPC factions and boat construction


On Monday, we dropped a big interview with Gaijin-funded Three Whales Studio, which is aiming to launch its Waterworldish post-apoc oceanfaring survival MMO Age of Water into early access before spring. Ahead of that release, the team clearly means to hoist sails aloft on its hype vessel, as it put out several dev blogs just in January alone.

The most recent, which landed yesterday, focuses on two of the key NPC factions in the world – on top of the oceans of the world, anyway. There are the Sharkees, creepy fishy-looking people, who are openly hostile to players and will happily sink your battleship. And then there’s the Order of the Kraken, who look to be technologically advanced bounty hunters who chase pirates. Like you.

Last week’s preview focused on building your boat, and if you’re thinking you’re getting a cruiser (never mind a cruise ship), think again; this is a post-apocalyptic setting, so your earliest ships will be made from scrap and junk and whatever is handy until your (I’m sorry) ship has come in. “The ocean likes tidiness and your boat is like a woman – it needs care and a nice look,” the studio bizarrely says. Speaking as a woman, I just need good MMOs and a big mug of tea, but whatever floats your boat – literally.

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