Corepunk boss says early access launch in 2024 is ‘very realistic’

These cores require additional punks.

Now that fans know Corepunk’s next alpha test phase is being pushed into late April, there are likely a lot of questions in people’s minds, which brings us to a recent AMA session with game producer Eugene Kiver to talk about multiple aspects of the isometric MMO. Here are some highlights:

  • The need to constantly run to a campfire to heal up between every single fight will be balanced; no details beyond that yet.
  • Every hero will be able to take any passive skill tree, but every ability in a spec tree won’t be fully unlockable.
  • Monetization will still be B2P with a cosmetics-focused cash shop.
  • Kiver believes that an early access release in 2024 is “very realistic” assuming the next alpha test goes well. “If people will enjoy it we’ll take a month to fix bugs and do a little polish and will go to EA, if they won’t, we’ll do another test,” he says.
  • On the subject of testing, the next alpha should be capable of accepting 10K players.
  • Character wipes before early access have still not been decided; Kiver sees pros and cons for doing so.

More answers were also shared in the AMA, including confirmation of mounts for early access, improvements to event rewards, and the promise of more details for its latest three class specs. For now, the AMA may provide a bit more insight into where things are headed.

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