Corepunk’s latest NDA-free test round sees mixed reviews, early game complaints, and survival annoyances


The latest NDA-free alpha test for OARPG Corepunk is almost wrapped up (it ends this Wednesday, December 20th), but already player impressions are a bit of a mixed bag, as the current build of the game appears to feature sparks of brilliance that gutter under the smothering weight of bad early game design.

Most of the impressions coming out of Reddit and the game’s official forums appear to agree that the lack of guidance and stringent health regen mechanics when starting off is a problem. One player likened the game’s early steps to being punched, another expressed frustration with being lost and having to constantly regain health, and others said the game’s flow was “terrible” as players had to come dashing back to a campfire to heal after two or three fights. There were other problems beyond the gameplay itself, as many players deeply disliked the way access keys were handed out via Twitch drops.

While players wring their hands with worry about the title’s potential, a blog post shared on Reddit characterized Corepunk as “a game of contrasts,” noting that the punishing early mechanics can unfold to a rich and rewarding experience if players can put in the effort, and many players seemed to like the title’s visual aesthetic. However, that effort might be a bridge too far for many considering current survival balance – a balance that appears to fly in the face of developer Artificial Core’s earlier claim that it’s not intending to make a hardcore RPG.

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