EVE Online deepens partnership with community content sharing platform Just About


It’s been proven multiple times that EVE Online studio CCP Games chases shiny trends more readily than an easily distracted puppy, so perhaps the fact that the spaceship sandbox partnering up with the content sharing platform Just About won’t arrive as a surprise. Still, it’s an odd bit of bedfellows as the large gankbox puts its weight behind what seems like a very small content platform.

First, allow us to try and disambiguate just what the hell Just About is: The platform encourages users to create videos, guides, articles, and other content that follow community-minded bounties (aka guided topics) in order to earn small sums of money either through completing said bounties, earning “organic rewards” from likes and engagement, and eventually earning a share of ad revenue for highlighted posts. Just About lets users share their created content on its platform across other existing sites such as YouTube and TikTok, and the site entered into its beta state this week.

CCP Games has been in cahoots with Just About since it went into an alpha state and even has its own dedicated section on the site, and by CCP’s reasoning, the ongoing partnership is all about forging community bonds and seeing players band together to share insight and information, especially in light of its Vanguard module entering testing.

“The Just About team has created a unique platform that strengthens communities and helps unite people,” claims EVE creative director Bergur Finnbogason in a statement. “It aligns closely with our goal of giving EVE players more ways to establish bonds inside and outside EVE Online, making them a great partner for this endeavor.”

Of course, none of what’s been shared answers some of the bigger questions about the Just About platform, namely where it’s getting the money to pay out creators without current revenue streams like in-post ads. The service also claims to have paid “thousands of dollars in rewards” to users, though bounty payouts run between $5 and $20, which leads to the presumption that this is another sort of side-gig grind not unlike YouTube and Twitch content creation. Ultimately we’re advising caution before diving in to a suspicious-looking platform.

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