Age of Water provides a brief peek at its crew management features


No ship sails with one person at the helm, or at least it doesn’t in Age of Water, which means that while players will be controlling vessels themselves, they’re also going to have to manage the crew aboard them for maximum efficiency and preferred playstyle.

Players will be able to direct each individual crew member’s activities while in and out of combat as well as in an emergency, whether it’s repairing the hull, finding resources, or crafting new items. Crew members can further be customized by acquiring skills that confer specific benefits like using a weapon better, repairing vessels faster, or placing more cargo in the hold. Players will just need to make sure there’s enough food and water on-board to keep crew morale up.

This latest preview is just about as brief as other peeks from Gaijin Entertainment’s upcoming survival bathtub (aka sandbox but filled with water, get it?), so while it might not be much of a deep-dive, it is perhaps morsel enough as the game moves to its still unspecified first quarter early access release.

source: Steam
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