Albion Online is launching a new fresh start server for Europe and the MENA region

Beta begins April 3


If last year was the year Albion Online went to Asia, this year is the time for journeying to Europe. Of course, Albion Online’s European playerbase already exists and plays on the original western servers, but this spring, Sandbox Interactive is launching a fresh-start server specific to Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. The existing servers will be renamed accordingly, to Albion Americas and Albion Asia.

“Albion Online will launch a new server for the Europe and MENA regions in April 2024! This server will make the world of Albion more accessible than ever for countless new and existing players. Along with offering greatly improved connection speeds and ping for players in the region, the new server will also offer optimized timers for ingame events, as Albion’s two newest languages, Turkish and Arabic, further expand Albion’s global community.”

Sandbox has released an interactive timeline setting out all the important dates: Founder pack sales begin on March 11th; the studio promises not just cosmetics, sub time, and closed beta access but also name and guild name reservation for players aiming to go. Closed beta and open beta begin on April 3rd and 10th, respectively, followed by a staggered headstart that kicks off on April 24th and the official F2P launch on April 29th.

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