Ready or not, PvP sandbox Reign of Guilds has launched into early access

"We aren’t ready for it as we’d like to be"


After six years of development, Reign of Guilds opened its doors to early access and live operation. The Russian PvP sandbox is a medieval-style MMO with all the hardcore trappings including friendly fire, open world conflict, and first-person non-target combat.

“For our studio, this release is an enormous step, and as it usually is, we aren’t ready for it as we’d like to be,” said developer Atlant Games. “We’d like to thank everyone who has been and is still supporting our idea, labor, and its fruits.”

The studio said that this release comes at the end of a hectic month of fixes, optimization, and server improvements. While the full price of the game is $40, through April 11th you can pick it up for $34 on Steam.

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