Stormforge is a new multiplayer survival sandbox inspired by D&D and The Stormlight Archive


Among the new multiplayer games announced this weekend during not-E3 is a fresh “open-world fantasy survival crafting game” called Stormforge (you might have heard of it back when the team was calling it Project Storm). Roboto Games is planning to push the game into early access on Steam next year, and while it’s not an MMO, it does include eight-person co-op.

“In Stormforge, players must survive in Sorana, a procedurally generated world ravaged by deadly magical storms. The game supports solo and co-op play for up to 8 players, challenging them to survive the storms while foraging, crafting, building, and battling enemies,” Roboto says.

“Stormforge blends the cherished elements of the survival crafting genre with the rich, fantastical inspirations of Dungeons & Dragons and the Stormlight Archive. These are brought to life with a unique graphic novel style influenced by Moebius and Miyazaki. The game introduces innovative mechanics by integrating magical storms into every aspect of the survival crafting experience. In this ever-changing world, players will find that storms serve as both formidable threats and invaluable sources of resources. The storms create a dynamic where players only progress by taking risks. Stormforge incorporates some unique RPG elements into survival crafting, allowing players to craft equipment and select powers that offer distinct weapon and skill advantages. Adding these elements brings novel multiplayer gameplay into the genre, making Stormforge even more fun to play with friends.”

A “groundbreaking, fully integrated modding system” is also on the way. Tester signups are live through the official site. Totally coincidentally, I’m on book three of Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, and I kind of love it. It doesn’t get namedropped for multiplayer games often!

Source: Official site, Steam, press release
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