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Perfect World announces World of Jade Dynasty

Perfect World has announced a new MMORPG, though it’s currently slated for the Chinese market. It’s called World of Jade Dynasty, and it’s designed both for the PC and for current-gen consoles. MMO Culture reports that it uses a new in-house engine and it will feature large-scale PvP involving “flying battleships inspired by ancient Chinese designs.”

The site also says that Perfect World is talking up the title’s “sandbox” elements, particularly multiple choice quest endings and a personal utopia that amounts to customizable player housing.

World of Jade Dynasty will undergo a limited pre-alpha test beginning on June 23rd. You can watch the announcement trailer after the break.

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Burstfire’s tactical shooter gives players one life per game

If you only had one life in a FPS match, how would it change your playstyle? Think about the implications of such a rule carefully because this is the premise of new multiplayer shooter Burstfire.

Made by ex-Hawken devs, Burstfire is a 5v5 tactical shooter in which every player has one life per round. This is done with the hope of promoting strategic thinking and a slower, more nail-biting pace. Players aren’t restricted as to the weapons they use and can utilize tools and ingenuity to alter the battlefield and create new paths to objectives.

The game is currently accepting alpha signups on its website.


ECO boasts server-wide permadeath for failure

Individual character permadeath is so yesterday, right? An upcoming title, ECO, dares to think even bigger, proposing “server-wide permadeath” if players can’t band together and stave off global disaster.

The concept of ECO is that when a fresh server world boots up, players will find themselves racing against the clock to defeat a certain type of armageddon. To do so, they’ll have to build up a civilization without ruining the very world they’re plundering. Players will be able to vote on rules for how the server’s population can harvest and use these limited resources.

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DarkEden 2 returns to the vampire war

While you may not have heard of DarkEden, it’s actually one of the older continuously running graphical MMORPGs on the market, having started back in 1997. While it’s still running in Korea today, the hack-and-slash horror title’s North American and Japanese versions have long since gone dark.

Maybe it’s time for a fresh start? DarkEden 2 is currently under development by SOFTON Entertainment as an isometric action game, promising a return to the blood-drenched environments of its predecessor. There are four gender-locked characters in the closed beta right now, including a vampire, and apparently player killing is allowed and encouraged.

Steparu shares hands-on impressions from the Korean beta, and we’ve got the trailer for you after the jump!

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Wargaming is rebooting Master of Orion

How would you fancy a reimagined version of 4X classic Master of Orion? Wargaming is hoping you’ll bite, as the massively successful World of Tanks developer is bankrolling a reboot crafted by Argentine-based NGD Studios. Wargaming’s press release says that the dev roster features “key members from the original title’s team,” though it neglects to mention which ones.

Wargaming also says to “expect a revamped user interface, an orchestral score from the original game’s composer, voiceovers by well-known actors, new user tutorials, and more to deliver a classic yet fresh experience to one of gaming’s most respected franchises.”

Don’t forget the announcement trailer after the break.

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Naval Action takes open sea warfare to a whole new level

There have been plenty of MMOs, multiplayer titles, and single-player games that have attempted to emulate the grand Age of Sail, but Naval Action might just take the cake. This upcoming sandbox is priding itself on an immaculate attention to detail, from weather effects on sailing to the reconstruction of period warships.

As the name implies, Naval Action’s primary gameplay will be couched in PvE and PvP conflict between ocean-going vessels. There are a wide variety of them, too, from the smallest to the tallest, firing away with all manner of lethal cannon shot. Currently the game’s in beta testing, with pre-orders being your best path to getting in on the early action.

We’ve got several videos from Naval Action for you to watch after the break, so hop to it, sailor!

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Age of Wushu Dynasty is coming to mobile

Snail Games has announced that its martial arts MMO Age of Wushu is headed to iOS. Touch Arcade reports that Age of Wushu Dynasty won’t be a direct port but instead some sort of mashup between AoW and Snail’s Taichi Panda mobile title.

There will be eight martial arts schools, a “two-handed virtual button” control scheme, guild wars and PvP. There’s no word yet on whether or not mobile users will be able to get castrated and join AoW’s scheming eunuch Rootless clan.

Source: Touch Arcade


Play Das Tal’s alpha for free right now

You’d never buy a car without test-driving it, would you? If only that applied to games and you could take Das Tal for a spin before sinking your support into its Kickstarter… Oh wait, you can! Fairytale Distillery wants players to see what they are supporting so the studio has opened the alpha servers for one day. That means for 24 hours anyone can jump in and experience a taste of that this open PvP sandbox has to offer, and that time is right now.

To play, just download the client and use the key free4all. The dev team is also communicating directly with players during the playtests, so it invites folks to also join their teamspeak server. If you happen to like what you see once you play, Das Tal recently added a less expensive backer tier. But you’d have to hurry; the Kickstarter ends the same time the alpha doors close — at 9:00 a.m. EDT, Wednesday, June 10th.

If you can’t personally take advantage of this alpha offer, we’ve got you covered: The Stream Team will be jumping in and sharing the experience with you this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. on OPTV!


Login issues plague The Elder Scrolls Online’s console launch

Console players had a long wait time before they could get their hands on copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, but the game has launched on consoles, and at least it had months of gameplay refinement first. Unfortunately those months of refinement don’t seem to have helped in the bottleneck department, as there are widespread player reports on the official forums and Reddit that logging into the game is utterly impossible on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for both NA and EU players.

Developers have stated that they’re working overtime to get the login issue fixed, which is cold comfort to people eagerly anticipating the game’s console debut today. On the plus side, if you’re artist Tyler Kirkham and spent $50,000 on a basement themed after the series, you can at least get some of the experience of being in the game just by sitting downstairs.

We’ve got the shiny new launch trailer below.

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Survive the treacherous land of Goliath with the help of high-tech armor

Tired of survival games yet? Whalebox Studio is truly hoping you aren’t, because it has another contender in the works called Goliath.

Goliath is a multiplayer title that throws players onto an island with hostile giants and kindly dares the smaller fleshlings to live to see another day. Fortunately, players have access to a robotic armor factory that can be used to fashion suits and gadgets for survival. Past saving your own skin, you’ll have the opportunity to side with a faction, explore a dynamic world, and help to conquer territory.

Goliath is currently in a pre-alpha state and is taking player sign-ups on its website. You can watch its announcement trailer after the jump.

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Colonies Online contributes crafting and shotguns to the war effort

Everyone knows that if you’re going to head out into deep space to explore strange new worlds, you’d better have a trusty shotgun on hand with which to greet the wildlife. Fortunately, Colonies Online players won’t have to go without solid weaponry with the game’s 0.11 alpha patch.

The patch, which came out late last week, adds shotguns, rifles, and pulse guns to the sci-fi sandbox. Colonies Online also introduced its first edition of the crafting system, as players can now fashion their own weapons and armor with new stations.

Colonies Online challenges players to construct outposts and then battle other players and aliens in a top-down, non-target combat system. The MMO is currently available for $15 through Steam early access, and you can watch the new trailer for it after the break!

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Wander struggles with bugs, crashes

If you’re thinking of picking up Wander to enjoy an exploration-heavy, non-combat MMO, you may want to consider waiting until some of its rougher patches are smoothed out.

At least, this is the report from some players and outlets who are testifying to multiple crashes, severe clipping issues, and game-breaking bugs. “It’s perhaps the worst game to launch on the PS4,” The Sixth Axis lamented. “When the game wasn’t crashing, my character was running into invisible walls, or clipping through walls, or floating above the ground, or moonwalking, or any of a number of other wonky behaviors,” blog Dragonchasers said.

On the other hand, some of our Massively OP staff have played the game without encountering the worst of these problems, so your experience may vary. Caveat emptor!


PvE sandbox Villagers and Heroes is reborn tomorrow

When I last checked in on indie PvE sandbox Villagers and Heroes a year ago, the Steam launch was busy rocking the game with dramatic changes that sent a lot of veteran players running for the hills. Even back then, developer Mad Otter was discussing a revamp of the game to nuke the controversial energy mechanic that propelled the game’s crafting (and its cash shop). That revamp is finally here and is just one part of the expansion/reboot (expanshaboot?) that lands tomorrow; Mad Otter calls it an “an all-new gathering supply system that completely replaces the unpopular energy/Vim system formerly featured in the game.”

There’s also a new mystery plotline, new voice acting and music, new character customization tools (including origin stories and personality types), a new respec system, and a massive “graphical facelift” for the UI, models, and textures. The game is F2P on Steam, so there’s little excuse not to take a peek.

Source: V&H official site and press release


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