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Age of Wushu Dynasty is coming to mobile

Snail Games has announced that its martial arts MMO Age of Wushu is headed to iOS. Touch Arcade reports that Age of Wushu Dynasty won’t be a direct port but instead some sort of mashup between AoW and Snail’s Taichi Panda mobile title.

There will be eight martial arts schools, a “two-handed virtual button” control scheme, guild wars and PvP. There’s no word yet on whether or not mobile users will be able to get castrated and join AoW’s scheming eunuch Rootless clan.

Source: Touch Arcade


Skyforge Q&A talks Pantheon Wars, PvP, and more

Did you catch the latest dev Q&A from Skyforge? It’s about the game’s take on guild-vs.-guild battles, otherwise known as Pantheon Wars. The announcement elicited a bunch of questions from the fantasy MMO’s community, which Skyforge’s devs have printed and answered.

“All battles in the Pantheon War take place simultaneously, across multiple battlegrounds before leading up to a final struggle which is comprised of the 30 mightiest PvP immortals from each Pantheon,” the devs explain.

There’s more info where that came from, including bits about celestial temple ownership, match rewards, and increasing your pantheon’s rank.

Source: Q&A


See World of Warcraft’s oldest surviving screenshots

Here’s a treat for MMO history buffs. Dave Wilson, who works at Blizzard doing recruitment marketing, posted a series of captioned pictures on Twitter showing the earliest stages of development on World of Warcraft.

The pictures include the oldest screenshot of WoW using the Warcraft III engine, a placeholder town called Valguard circa 1999, the first character selection screen, Onyxia’s birthday, the first Molten Core raid, and “proto-Outland.” Interestingly, Outland was originally going to be part of the original World of Warcraft release.

Blog Aspect of the Hare compiled all of the tweets and photos into one handy viewing experience for you to check out on Storify.


Massively OP Podcast: Episode 17

When one game falls, another one rises… or is it the other way around? Today on the podcast, Justin and Bree talk about the unfortunate demise of a superhero MOBA and what that means for the “genre.” Happily, there’s a lot of positive news to cover as well that may indicate that 2015 is on the rise even so!

Join us on the podcast as we talk about what we’ve been playing in MMOs, the top news stories from the past week, and topics that listeners have submitted!

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Crowfall’s Confessors represent the darker side of religion

The team behind Crowfall is hard at work preparing what it’s calling a “core combat test” between three diverse archetypes. One of these, the female Confessor, is the target of a post today that provides some of the background on her narrative and approach.

The Confessors are a branch of the Mother Church that diverged from the Templars when the Hunger started ravaging worlds, claiming that man’s sins were to blame. Disturbed by the events going on, the Confessors turned to fire as both a shield of defense and a sword to punish the wicked.

ArtCraft said that the many archetypes of the game, including the Confessor, were chosen to provide a wide array of cultures with different viewpoints that often examine the same thing. You can check out the Confessor being modeled in 3-D after the jump!
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Guild Wars 2 to restore Lion’s Arch in the next update

It won’t be long now, faithful Tyrians, before you will be walking down the streets of the shiny, reborn Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2.

ArenaNet announced that Lion’s Arch 2.0 will be fully restored come the next content update. As part of the facelift for the once-ravaged city, Lion’s Arch will get new names for its quarters as voted on by the players. The upcoming content patch will also contain the new core specialization system, replacing the old character traits.

There’s even something to enjoy right now, too! The studio pushed out a patch today that fully activates the streaming client for all. The new client will make getting into the game for beginners and downloading patches faster than before.


H1Z1 aims for a ‘massive world,’ adds team members and resources

Daybreak Game Company isn’t pulling back on H1Z1’s development, but is instead doubling down on the survival zombie sandbox by adding more team members and resources to build what President John Smedley calls “a massive world.”

Smedley posted an update of H1Z1’s future development on Reddit today, listing several features that will be coming down the pike. These include guard towers, machine gun emplacements, a streamlined building process, professions, and smarter zombie AI. He also hinted at an announcement concerning the Battle Royale team later in June.

“Our goal remains to have a massive world,” Smedley said. “We’re doing that with Forgelight 2, which has been in development for quite a while now. We’ll be able to show stuff to you soon, but needless to say we’re super excited by what we’re seeing.”

Source: Reddit


The Repopulation tweaks combat and building in its latest patch

Launch rushes onward toward The Repopulation like… some sort of extremely fast launch-related thing. The metaphor isn’t perfect. Neither is the game’s combat system, which is why the most recent patch is focused on making combat more interesting for everyone. New stances have been added for healers and pet types, dedicated pet types will have new skills to support the playstyle, and dual-wielders and healers have new skills devoted to dual-wielding and area healing respectively.

It’s not just about combat, though, as the same patch adds storage units to houses and expands the functionality of player-run shops. UI improvements and the Mission system have also been expanded, all making the game that much better-equipped to handle the aforementioned fast launch-related thing. Check out the details on these changes in the patch notes.

Source: Patch notes


Leaks indicate Destiny’s next expansion will launch September 15th

You can never be sure if a leak is on the level or if it’s just a bunch of speculation. But you can make an educated guess, and the news that Destiny‘s next expansion, The Taken King, will launch on September 15th certainly seems plausible. It’s not as if anyone was planning on doing anything else in September, right?

According to the leak the expansion will be priced at $40 and will include a new subclass for each of the main classes, a new elemental super ability, and a new raid pitting players against Oryx, father of Crota. This leak lines up with what players already know about future updates to Destiny, but you can feel free to speculate on whether or not it’s completely legitimate or complete hogwash.

Source: Kotaku via Polygon


Final Fantasy XIV outlines E3 plans and starts an art countdown

Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion launches into early access in just 10 days as of this writing, right after the wrapup of this year’s E3. Naturally, the team will be there to show off Heavensward, but fans who can’t attend can still take part in the various video events hosted during the show. Preliminary patch notes for the expansion will be examined on June 16th, the community live show will be held on June 17th, and another Letter from the Producer LIVE will happen on June 18th. If you can’t wait for more news on the expansion, it’ll keep you supplied with tidbits.

The game’s official site has also started an art countdown leading into the last two weeks before the expansion’s full launch on June 23rd, with a new illustration each day by part of the game’s art team. It’s the final countdown now; there’s nothing for players to do but get comfortable and wait until the expansion is playable for everyone.


Play Das Tal’s alpha for free right now

You’d never buy a car without test-driving it, would you? If only that applied to games and you could take Das Tal for a spin before sinking your support into its Kickstarter… Oh wait, you can! Fairytale Distillery wants players to see what they are supporting so the studio has opened the alpha servers for one day. That means for 24 hours anyone can jump in and experience a taste of that this open PvP sandbox has to offer, and that time is right now.

To play, just download the client and use the key free4all. The dev team is also communicating directly with players during the playtests, so it invites folks to also join their teamspeak server. If you happen to like what you see once you play, Das Tal recently added a less expensive backer tier. But you’d have to hurry; the Kickstarter ends the same time the alpha doors close — at 9:00 a.m. EDT, Wednesday, June 10th.

If you can’t personally take advantage of this alpha offer, we’ve got you covered: The Stream Team will be jumping in and sharing the experience with you this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. on OPTV!


Reddit’s Button is over

On April 1st, Reddit’s big gag for the year was “The Button.” It was a button that started a 60 second countdown, and when someone else pressed the button, the countdown reset and started over. With no information about what happened when the button would finally tick down, what followed was… well, kind of out of control.

And now the countdown has finally run down to nothing. Guess what? Absolutely nothing happened. After two months of keeping the gag running, the community was finally out of Reddit accounts to push the button, and it ticked down to zero. You can read a full recap and marvel at the fact that a single April Fools’ Day gag managed to produce and destroy an entire community in two months. What you can’t do, though, is press the button.

Source: Kotaku


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