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Wild West Online posts its development roadmap ahead of a late winter release.

Here's the bad news for Wild West Online testers: The game's next big update has to wait until January, because the developers...

MMO Year in Review: Ashes of Creation vs. Wild West Online (May 2017)

We’re taking a time-machine back through our MMO coverage, month by month, to hit the highlights and frame our journey before we head...
Move it move it.

The best Massively OP streams of 2017

As captain of our Stream Team, Massively OP's MJ Guthrie and Larry Everett were joined by Andrew Ross this year to play zillions...
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Wild West Online teases character creation and PvP faction choice in new video

Still fretting over the Wild West Online's surprise move from FFA PvP to faction-based PvP? Today's video is a quick look into...

Perfect Ten: 20 upcoming MMOs to watch in 2018

It has become a long-standing tradition as Massively OP and our former site that we like to end the year by creating a list...

Wild West Online seems to be dropping FFA PvP in favor of faction-based PvP

Still bummed out about Wild West Online's delay to 2018? Wait until you see the game's latest dev blog! 612 Games...

Wild West Online’s early access has been delayed into next year

In a move that will shock nobody who's played the game, watched the game being played, or followed the multiple delays suffered...
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Perfect Ten: MMO things to be thankful about this year

It's kind of hard to be thankful this year. Sure, some good things have happened this year, but we also have some things that,...

The Stream Team: Robbing banks and raiding campsites in Wild West Online’s early access launch

In her first run through Wild West Online's Technical Alpha 1, Massively OP's MJ mined herself some gold and successfully made it back...
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Yeehaw, Wild West Online’s early access alpha has begun

The Wild West Online early access alpha has officially begun, at least if you shelled out for the higher tiers of founder pack....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 143: BlizzCon strikes back

Justin and Bree discuss BlizzCon, WoW's Battle for Azeroth expansion and legacy servers, Marvel Heroes' drama, the fate of Motiga and Runic, DCUO, WildStar, Kritika, and Wild West Online, with a mailbag question on MMOs that lock classes and races behind paywalls.

Wild West Online resets early access for November 15, still plans 2017 launch

Following all the delays and weirdness this past fall during which the game was declared "just not ready yet," the team behind...

Wild West Online continues to postpone persistent alpha, posts female character render

Wild West Online's pattern of delays in its testing process continues. Back in August, the team behind this western MMO posted a schedule...

Wild West Online delays early access alpha: ‘It just ain’t ready yet’

A couple of weeks ago, MOP's Justin and I expressed heavy skepticism that Wild West Online could ever be ready on schedule...
And we shoot the varmint.

Wild West Online shows off the old-timey guns coming with its beta

Here's a grand surprise for you: Wild West Online will feature old-timey weapons. It will, in fact, involve a fair amount of shooting...

One Shots: Starlight, starbright

As someone very much on the outside of this whole Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire thing, my observations is that this...

Wild West Online ends tech alpha early, adjusts bounty system for early access

It shouldn't surprise anyone after those rough couple of Wild West Online tech alpha weekends, but alpha 3 has been "postponed" - actually,...
And we shoot the varmint.

Wild West Online begins its second tech alpha test today

The first technical alpha for Wild West Online was a success, at least in that lots of stuff broke. But when you're running...
And we shoot the varmint.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 136: Westward ho!

Justin and Bree discuss Wild West Online, Star Citizen, EVE Online, Black Desert, Phantasy Star Online 2, FFXIV, DDO, Neverwinter, Ultima Online, and of course Guild Wars 2, with mailbag entries on Star Citizen's monetization and solid free-to-play side MMOs.

The Stream Team: A first alpha look at Wild West Online

There are so few western MMOs, but Wild West Online is fixin' to change that. And by golly, thanks to Alpha Test 1, Massively...