ArcheAge’s latest patch introduces the feared leviathan

The kraken? Oh, the kraken in ArcheAge was so last week's terrifying sea foe. Now the fantasy sandbox has a new threat emerging...
Good plan.

Guild Wars 2 adds a canonically transgender NPC

Inclusion has always been a big priority for Guild Wars 2, and that cause has taken another step forward as of yesterday's...
Like we always do it this time.

Skyforge will finalize open beta after this week’s test

Skyforge has entered its final beta test, which means that open beta and soft launch is just around the corner. If you've been...

The Daily Grind: What’s the prettiest MMO?

Judging video game eye candy is one of the most subjective activities in our hobby, is it not? Everyone has a different standard (and...

The Stream Team: Ode to EverQuest II’s past and future

Even though MassivelyOP's MJ adores EverQuest II now, she's looking forward to jumping into the upcoming progression servers herself and starting life over from scratch....

The Stream Team: Forging ahead in Skyforge’s CBT4 and giving away keys

What? Massively OP's MJ has more Skyforge beta keys to give away? Yes she does! And now that the fourth closed beta test has...

Toram Online offers a class-free mobile experience

The studio behind Izanagi Online is hard at work at another mobile fantasy title that could well be making its way to the...

Crowfall tweaks armor design, releases Knight modeling vid

ArtCraft is changing how Crowfall's armor system works. The crowdfunded "throne war simulator" originally featured a series of character-based armor tiers that...

EverQuest II adds fabled Echoes of Faydwer zones, talks expansion servers

EverQuest 2 is releasing a handful of Fabled Echoes of Faydwer zones today. The Acadechism, The Court of Innovation, and the Crypt...

Massively OP Podcast: Episode 19

Justin and MJ discuss Marvel Heroes, The Secret World, Ark: Survival Evolved, ArcheAge, and tons of news from E3 on Guild Wars 2's expansion, FFXIV's Heavensward, SWTOR's expansion, Shroud of the Avatar, Torchlight Mobile, and more.

Guild Wars 2 restores Lion’s Arch and personal storyline

It's a day of grand restoration in Guild Wars 2, starting with the re-opening of Lion's Arch. Today's patch debuts what

World of Warcraft: Fury of Hellfire is now live

OK kids, summer vacation is over; it's time to get back to work in World of Warcraft! Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire...
Make it everything.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is (almost) a perfect expansion

There are certain phrases you really want to be able to use but don't expect to in a first impressions piece. That headline is...

Skyforge hits final closed beta test running

The twilight of Skyforge's closed beta program is upon us while the dawn of its open beta is just around the corner. The...
Actually entirely precedented.

Lineage Eternal begins testing with a focus group

After a couple years of development, it's easy to feel that we're no closer to Lineage Eternal actually launching. But that's not true;...
Well, I guess you guys can ransack my stuff again. But only this one extra time.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward formally launches today

After months of anticipation for the community, Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion launches today. Heavensward is available now for players who didn't...

E3 2015: Blade & Soul’s ‘full-access F2P’ model and hands-on

Long before NCsoft officially announced that Blade & Soul was heading west, fans were eager for the chance to get their hands...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best way to boost MMO populations?

An anonymous Kickstarter donor pinged us with this question for this morning's Daily Grind: With the breadth of niche MMOs available, how will companies...

Albion Online video explains how it’s bringing back player freedom

Sick of being penned into certain roles and linear progression in MMOs? Albion Online invites you to experience a game where player freedom...

Path of Exile: The Awakening eyes July 10 release

Path of Exile's next big content update, The Awakening, is coming soon... but how soon? The team said that it's getting close to...