Check out the new Druid bear forms from World of Warcraft’s Legion alpha

What is the number one threat to Azeroth? Bears. That's why Druids can turn into bears, after all. The new World of Warcraft expansion...

Black Desert answers questions on localization and release

There is no way in the world to know when the second closed beta for a localized Black Desert will take place, although the...

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for Guild Wars 2 players

It's been a glorious, if very long and busy, year for Guild Wars 2, so I'm sure ArenaNet is eager to see Wintersday approaching at...

Daybreak gifts two weeks of All-Access membership to EverQuest II returnees

Almost everyone knows that EverQuest II's newest expansion launched last week, but what you might not realize is that the very same day, Daybreak launched...
Marathon, by Rush.

Crowfall: Milestones from eight months of development

Crowfall has been in development for eight months now. That sounds like a substantial amount of time until you think about how long games...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite World of Warcraft memory?

Eleven years is a long time to cast one's recollection lines back into the memory pool, but several moments from the initial launch of...

The Stream Team: Back to everyday questing in EverQuest II

With so many festivals, events, and now the expansion, MassivelyOP's MJ hasn't had time to focus any on the core game of EverQuest II....

You can grind some event tokens in TERA from now through January 12

TERA's new Brawler class debuts on December 8th. Starting today, the fantasy MMO is running an event called Brace for Impact that celebrates the...

MapleStory goes back to basics with its Reboot world

The Reboot world is a new way to experience MapleStory, or perhaps an old way to experience it in a new way. It's a...

Free EverQuest II server transfers available in December

With the big EverQuest II server merges all wrapped up, Daybreak is delivering on its promise of offering players free transfers between the Halls of...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 39: Giving thanks

Justin and Bree discuss Black Desert, Blade & Soul, SWTOR nerfs, Funcom, and gratitude, plus mailbag questions on other podcasts, the quest for sandboxes, F2P restrictions, and custom races.

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for total MMO newbies

If you're anything like me, you probably have a tough time deciding what kinds of gifts to buy all of your totally real, not-at-all...

EverQuest’s multibox-free progression server is coming December 9th

We first heard about the possibility of a bot-free EverQuest progression server back at E3. Now on December 9th, that server will become a...

Interview: Pantheon devs on funding, Unity, and the launch window

Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMO that's suffered more than its fair share of drama and setbacks, but even detractors will agree...

RIFT’s next update embraces winter’s wrath

Fret not, RIFT players: Trion Worlds' fantasy title has one last big update in store for you before the year runs out. Yesterday RIFT revealed...

Pathfinder Online is in talks with a new investment company

Pathfinder Online players have been in a cruel state of limbo these past few months following the collapse of Goblinworks. However, the game's fate...

The Daily Grind: What are the basic rules of conduct for an MMO community?

If there's one thing I've learned from 18 years of playing MMOs, it's that games train us to abide by some pretty weird codes...

Albion’s closed beta is live for legendary founders

It's closed beta time for Albion, and if you're a legendary founder, you can log in right now. Or not if you'd prefer to...
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SMITE previews Ragnarok Force X Thor and a bit of the Japanese pantheon

While you collect all of the items in the current SMITE Odyssey, you know that they're building toward a specific reward once they're all...

World of Warcraft hails its 11th birthday

It was on this date in 2004 that a little-known fantasy MMO debuted on the scene after a half-decade of development and testing. False...