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Halo Infinite showcases new weapons, maps, and cosmetics awaiting in March 7’s Season 3

For those who answered Microsoft's question of whether you're done playing Halo Infinite with a "no but some new content would be pretty dope,"...

Sea of Thieves highlights Halo-themed cash shop items and confirms a delay for its next Adventure

Has your time in Sea of Thieves been missing some Master Chief style? Then you're in luck because tomorrow, February 16th, there will be...

343 Industries studio head vows that the devs will make Halo games ‘now and in the future’

Last week was a rough one for Halo Infinite fans (and an even worse one for affected employees) as Microsoft laid off around 60...
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Halo Infinite is finally starting beta tests for its co-op mode

Despite the name, Halo Infinite decidedly felt like Halo Finite at launch if you were expecting to go into it with a co-op partner....
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Halo Infinite details more multiplayer maps and tweaks to battle passes in its May 3 Lone Wolves season

For players of Halo Infinite, it's been a long and overall not particularly satisfying first season of multiplayer gaming. There may be hope on...

The Xbox One era is finally, officially over, plus Halo 3 sunsets

It's the end of a monumental era of console gaming, as Microsoft confirmed that it discontinued all production of Xbox One S units a...
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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta storms onto Steam early

Surprise! Halo Infinite put boots on the ground -- and multiplayer on Steam -- earlier than expected, giving fans immediate access to the latest...
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Bad news: Halo Infinite won’t have co-op multiplayer systems at launch

It's been a grueling wait for 343 Industries' Halo Infinite to arrive, especially as the game was delayed from last year to this. And...

E3 2021: Transformers Heavy Metal, Icarus, Halo Infinite, The Crew 2, Babylon’s Fall, Ascent, Rawmen, Naraka Bladepoint, Chivalry 2

In addition to The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Diablo II Resurrected, Sea of Thieves, Riders Republic, and Redfall, there are a few more...
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Former Halo Wars game designer talks about the Halo MMO we never got to see

How do you think an MMO in the Halo universe would have played out? Would it just be like a really large multiplayer deathmatch?...
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The Xbox 360 servers for Halo multiplayer will be shutting down at the end of 2021

All right, it's time to face facts. If you've still been playing Halo 3: ODST multiplayer on your now-ancient Xbox 360, that hardware is...
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Halo Infinite will be pushing back its launch to sometime in 2021

If you were among those eager for the rumored free-to-play multiplayer or just the open world single-player of Halo Infinite, then 343 Industries studio...

Rumor: Halo Infinite leak suggests a free-to-play multiplayer experience

So, who had Halo goes free-to-play on the summer 2020 bingo card? OK, not really, but a leak circulating on the internet today suggests...

Those Halo Online modders aren’t scared of Microsoft

Microsoft's recent DMCA takedown notice may have temporarily derailed plans to liberate Halo Online from its Russia-only prison, but the modders responsible for last...

Halo Online is coming to Russia only

Several years ago Halo fans were excited to learn that their favorite franchise was set to receive the MMO treatment. While that project ultimately...