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Conan Exiles’ Joel Bylos talks about butt sliders and blunders

If you're looking for candid and enthusiastic answers to burning questions to all things Conan Exiles, you can do no better than hit up...

Conan Exiles moves to biweekly patch cadence, reshuffles development priorities

You might have noticed there was no Conan Exiles patch this week. That was intentional. Funcom says it hasn't been happy with the quality of its...
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The Soapbox: Lessons Secret World Legends failed to learn from Final Fantasy XIV

I've mentioned many a time that I like Funcom quite a bit. I want to like Funcom quite a bit. Heck, I want to...

Funcom’s Joel Bylos on the difference between MMOs and survival sandboxes

Funcom's Joel Bylos features in a Twitch interview on Gamasutra this week talking up Conan Exiles and explaining the core difference between server-based survival...

Conan Exiles on this week’s patch, The Purge, and a ‘partial wipe’

DualShockers has a new interview out with Conan Exiles' Joel Bylos. It's from GDC, but it's still worth a look given that it includes...
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Conan Exiles will have no boners on Xbone

As it stands right now, players in Conan Exiles may stride across the land with mighty swords or short stabbing implements held high in...

Conan Exiles previews 2017 plans, throws shade on early access abusers

Though it's fun for the broader industry, GDC has been a bit of a dud for our genre for years now. If you're willing to...
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Conan Exiles teases art book, stream ahead of early access launch

The hype meter is rising for Funcom's Conan Exiles, which launches early access tomorrow. Community Manager Jens Erik and Creative Director Joel Bylos ran...
Stringing things together.

Deep-diving Conan Exiles’ intricate construction system

Following up on last week's building-themed Conan Exiles video, Funcom hosted a Friday afternoon stream showing off the building tools in depth. Community Manager Jens...

In Conan Exiles, ‘home is where you keep the hearts of your enemies’

January's the month: Conan Exiles hits early access on the 31st as Funcom's latest Conan-franchise game, this one an unabashed survival sandbox with a...

Funcom to demo Conan Exiles live on Friday

Wanna see Conan Exiles in action -- no filters, no fluff? Funcom is gearing up to demo the survival sandbox live tomorrow so you...

Conan Exiles answers questions about its upcoming early access launch

With Conan Exiles' early access launch just around the corner, you can better believe that the community has a mountain of questions about the...

The MOP Up: Chris Taylor’s new studio (November 27, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Chaos Theory: Hide and Shriek in The Park of The Secret World

October is finally here. That means Halloween is this month! I can't even describe how excited that makes me. I know I'm not alone...

Chaos Theory: Happy handstands for Funcom’s funding

Things are looking up! I don't know about you, but I'm certainly feeling more relief-- and not just a little extra excitement -- when...

Funcom delays Conan Exiles’ planned September early access to January 2017

Funcom has decided to delay the launch of Conan Exiles into next year. You might be thinking, wait, didn't Funcom only just announce a September...

Funcom’s Conan Exiles dev vlog illuminates PvE and PvP

In Funcom's first dev diary for the upcoming Conan Exiles survival sandbox, Creative Director Joel Bylos introduces the setting and hook of the game. "Survival...

Conan Exiles includes purges, human sacrifice, and nudity

While the upcoming Conan Exiles will take place in the same fictional universe as Age of Conan and be made by the same studio,...

Chaos Theory: Looking over your shoulder at The Secret World’s 2015

We've finally left 2015 behind. And while it is perfectly natural to want to glance back in the rearview mirror over the last 12...

Chaos Theory: How my walk in The Park gave me hope for The Secret World

In the beginning, there was surprise. Funcom is making a single-player experience based on The Secret World?! After a few seconds that shock melted...