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AdventureQuest 3D cranks it up with its open beta trailer

It has been a while since AdventureQuest 3D kicked off its open beta phase -- since last October, to be more specific -- but...
Leave your clothing on.

Revelation Online starts open beta on March 6

Are you unwilling to pay for beta access but also desperately curious about playing Revelation Online? You won't have to wait much longer. The...
Let's GO already!

The Daily Grind: Which MMO is doing the worst job of pretending it’s in beta?

I respect the fact that Revelation Online is in beta right now. It's closed testing and there's going to be a character wipe. I...

AdventureQuest 3D previews its new bank vault

Inventory woes in AdventureQuest 3D might not be going away anytime soon, but they should be lessening come next week's patch thanks to the...
Of course, sometimes you get away with a lot without calls of copyright infringement anyway.

Paladins has over five million players from beta testing

For all of its major system overhauls, Paladins appears to be doing something right. A new video on stats from the game's open beta...

Gigantic introduces founders packs for semi-open beta

Gigantic's beta doors swing open today -- but not quite all the way open. Anyone with Windows 10 or an Xbox One can slip...
Not becoming poles, that's a different sort of polish.

Gigantic’s big beta weekend before open beta starts December 8

Did a peek at Gigantic get you interested in trying the upcoming free-to-play MOBA out? This weekend you can! Get in on the closed...
If you need a MOBA with more Dreamworks Face, I guess?

The Hyper Universe open beta starts today in South Korea

The Hyper Universe open beta is starting... in Korea. It's not localized yet. Fortunately for you, if you've got a big urge to check...

Hyper Universe unveils new website and trailer before next week’s beta

Watch out, November: Hyper Universe is attempting to take you by storm. This quirky side-scrolling MOBA has rolled out a new website in time for...

Paladins touts a playerbase of 4 million

Hi-Rez is not above tooting its own horn, especially when it has a huge number to celebrate. Today the studio announced that Paladins has...

Bless Online hosts Russian open beta this weekend

The Russian version of Bless Online is hosting an open beta event this weekend, from October 28th through the 30th. According to the description,...
Still here!

AdventureQuest 3D launches open beta on mobile, Mac, and PC

The big day for AdventureQuest 3D has finally arrived with the game's transition into a persistent open beta state. While PC, Mac, and Android...

RIFT reschedules Starfall Prophecy open beta for tomorrow

While RIFT: Starfall Prophecy was originally scheduled to run an open beta back on October 13th, Trion Worlds decided to delay the test until...

AdventureQuest 3D delays open beta until tomorrow

If you've been holding your breath in anticipation for AdventureQuest 3D's open beta launch today, then you should probably let it out before you...

RIFT delays Starfall Prophecy beta, announces big aventurine and PvP changes

Heads up for those hoping to play test RIFT: Starfall Prophecy today: Trion Worlds decided to push the expansion's open beta to next Monday,...
I feel pretty.

AdventureQuest 3D heads into open beta on October 18 (more or less)

The date of AdventureQuest 3D's public debut is imminent, as the team announced that the cross-platform MMO will be going into open beta on...

Echo of Soul returns to Korea a year after its shutdown

Last year was rough on Echo of Soul. The Korean fantasy MMO ended up closing down in both its native country and China in...

Ever, Jane opens the doors of its new circulating library

A refined and sophisticated setting such as the one in Ever, Jane deserves all of the luxuries that it can garner, don't you agree?...
Jazzhands are happening

AdventureQuest 3D is launching into open beta in October

AdventureQuest 3D hasn't been in closed beta testing for all that long, but the developers have decided that closed beta is boring and they'd...
I'm sorry this is the only long-form article you're likely to get, Twin Saga.

Twin Saga finishes its stress test and turns servers off before open beta

We hope you got everything you wanted done during the Twin Saga stress test, because it's done with now. The servers are coming down,...