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EverQuest II begins testing its new progression servers

Will EverQuest II's new progression servers prove to be the popular gathering spot that EverQuest's was earlier this summer? We will soon find out,...
Ominous? Does that have the same root?

Daybreak overrules EverQuest progression server vote

Part of what keeps the community engaged with progression servers like the most recent EverQuest pairing of Ragefire and Lockjaw is the idea that...

E3 2015: Holly Longdale on the EverQuest franchise’s progression servers

Progression servers are definitely a hot topic in the EverQuest franchise right now. EverQuest recently opened up a new one for those nostalgic for...

The Stream Team: Ode to EverQuest II’s past and future

Even though MassivelyOP's MJ adores EverQuest II now, she's looking forward to jumping into the upcoming progression servers herself and starting life over from scratch....
It's like there's a party on your hard drive and you need that party to accomplish anything.

EverQuest’s popular progression servers face content competition challenges

Daybreak says that it is tweaking raid targets and high-end zones for EverQuest's new progression servers. "There are more active players on Ragefire and Lockjaw...
Experience a slow unveiling of new content, also known as the real world.

EverQuest II outlines plans for new timelocked servers

It's hard to deny that there was a definite appeal to EverQuest's progression server when it first came out. So the EverQuest II team...

Global Chat: Does the 12X leveling speed hurt or help SWTOR?

I love seeing interaction and cooperative projects between MMO bloggers because what fun is there in being an island? Especially when we talk about...

EverQuesting: Why I cheered when EQ’s progression server crashed

When EverQuest's newest progression server Ragefire came online then took an immediate nosedive, I sprang from my chair cheering. Hey now, don't aim those eye...

EverQuest II is getting time-locked PvE and PvP servers

Holly Longdale's recent producer's letter for EverQuest II offered a slew of news, including the announcement that time-locked PvE and PvP servers are coming...

Global Chat: Blizzard’s war on flying

How is the MMO blogging community reacting to Blizzard's proclamation that flying mounts are grounded -- perhaps permanently -- in World of Warcraft? In...
They're fun guys! Get it because... you know what, yeah, you get it.

EverQuest is booting up another progression server

Remember when EverQuest launched a progression server and everyone rushed to it? Maybe not everyone, but the Ragefire server did launch to completely unexpected...

EverQuest’s new progression server comes online (again)

After a disasterous initial outing and subsequent wipe, EverQuest's Ragefire server came back online last night to welcome players back to the classic era...

The Daily Grind: Would you play a World of Warcraft progression server?

Classic servers and progression servers are on my mind lately. EverQuest just got yet another progression server; it had launch issues, but it's up...

EverQuest’s new progression server wiped due to launch issues

It was a less-than-auspicious beginning for EverQuest's highly anticipated progression server. The new server, Ragefire, came up yesterday and was immediately beset by several issues...

Massively OP Podcast: Episode 13

Justin and Bree discuss WoW's sub decline, EQ Next, GW2's Dragonhunter, EQ progression servers, SWTOR harassment, and adventures in Marvel Heroes, Secret World, and Guild Wars, plus mailbag questions on SWG's PvP and pay-to-win.
Questing ever onward.

EverQuest’s progression server launches on May 20

Are you itching to turn back the clock with EverQuest's progression server? You don't have much longer to wait, as Daybreak has announced that...

Daybreak releases EverQuest progression server details

Daybreak has announced the results of its EverQuest progression server polling. The shard's name will be Ragefire, and the initial unlocked expansion vote was...

EverQuest’s newest progression server gets a name

The voters have spoken, and EverQuest's newest progression server will be named Ragefire. "While the vote is still live in-game, Ragefire is ahead by a...

LOTRO Legendarium: Why LOTRO needs a progression server

At some point this year -- Turbine isn't saying when, yet -- Lord of the Rings Online will be making an effort to consolidate...

EverQuest switches to twice-a-year campaign DLC

EverQuest Executive Producer Holly Longdale dropped a few info-bombs on the community today with an update letter on the game. The biggest news was...