EverQuest launches Agnarr classic server


When it comes to EverQuest, it turns out you can go back again — over and over again, in fact. This fantasy MMO has earned a reputation for launching and operating progression servers, and a new one is unlocking for the populace today: Agnarr.

So why a new progression server? What sets Agnarr apart from EQ’s other time-locked shards is that Agnarr will only progress through content to a certain point and then stop then and forevermore, giving the community a “classic” server that is forever arrested at 2003. This means that by the middle of next year, the core game through Lost Dungeons of Norrath will be released and then nothing more. This is obviously aimed at players who want a more old-school experience without all of the later additions.

“There is a certain irony here, or a certain symmetry if you want to look at it from a different angle, in stopping at LDoN,” The Ancient Gaming Noob noted. “That is where SOE introduced instanced group content to the game, a full year ahead of the launch of World of Warcraft. Who copied whom here?”

You’ll want to bone up on the FAQ to answer all of your questions about this server. There’s even a dedicated Reddit for all things Agnarr, including guild recruitment posts to help get the community organized.


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What is the population like on the classic shards that EQ operates?

EQ runs a lot of these, and I wonder whether the actual use of them bears out all of the speculative ranting about “classic” or “legacy” versions of MMOs in general and how not many people will play older versions of the game long term, or that they “splinter the community” by splitting people up among all the different eras of servers.

EQ seems to have gone farther than any game down the road of maintaining different eras in parallel (even farther than RuneScape, which has had great success running modern and Old School realms side by side). So it seems like there is some very useful real world data here that other developers could draw on as indicators of what their own similar efforts might yield.

Yes, Blizzard, I am looking at you.

Melissa McDonald

Most people opined that the Planes expansion is what “ruined” the game as it gave us a hub for travel to any area (people today would find that astonishing).
I wouldn’t mind a server that stopped at the Luclin update, which was the massive graphic overhaul when we went from being squareheads with 3 polys per avatar (exaggeration, lol) to avatars that were a whole magnitude greater in quality. That’s when the game really hooked me. It was interesting before Luclin, but I bonded with my character once she looked so much better.


What a cluster you-know-what that was. We were all waiting in the queue then would get disconnected due to inactivity. I waited for over 2 hours but then had real life commitments to take care of. Whatever, this morning no problem and was able to create two characters. Still, in this day and age and supposedly all the experience learned either first hand or seeing what other games go through, you’d think they would have been better prepared for the rush.


Going to party like it’s 1999?


This was a terrible server launch, even in a genre full of bad server/expac launches.
4.5 hours to log in, dupe bugs, created characters missing and the name made unavailable… all the good stuff.
Hopefully it all settles down the next few days.


It’s recreating the classic experience!


Did you not maybe think they were trying to give players a more authentic “EQ game launch” experience ?

Kickstarter Donor

Massive dupe bug, server wipe tonight or tomorrow.