Marvel Heroes Omega soft launches on PS4 next week, Xbox One June 20

Comic book adventure is coming to consoles next week. The reworked, revamped, and renamed Marvel Heroes Omega is kicking off its console open beta...

Kritika Online launches website, sells founder’s packs, and announces closed beta

Is Kritika Online on your radar yet for 2017? You may need to revise that answer after today, as the cel-shaded anime MMO just...

Cloud Pirates launches with a huge update

Happy launch day to Cloud Pirates, which has graduated from Beta University with a degree in Aeronautic Conflict Resolution and taken its first steps...

Record of Lodoss War Online is launching this week

Following a short closed beta test, Record of Lodoss War Online will be launching this week on April 6th. Record of what now? There's no...

En Masse is bringing Kritika Online to the west in Q2 2017

The explosive and hyper-kinetic Kritika Online has been confirmed for a 2017 release in the west. En Masse Entertainment, the publishers of TERA, announced...
Could be going better.

Albion Online is launching on July 17

Huge news for the Albion Online community today, as Sandbox Interactive announced that the fantasy sandbox will be launching this summer on July 17th....

Aeria rebuts Bless North America cancellation rumors

We deal with a lot of rumors here, and while we generally filter out the entirely implausible ones, usually there are a lot of...

Lineage II: Revolution arrives on December 14

Mobile gamers look like they will be getting an early Christmas present from Netmarble, as Lineage II: Revolution's launch has finally been dated for...

Devilian mobile launches worldwide

Following a limited rollout earlier in September, Devilian's mobile edition is now available to players around the globe. This mobile version of the action-RPG isn't...

Grimm: Dark Legacy releases the game of the TV show

Back in February we announced that an online prequel to the NBC series Grimm: Dark Legacy was coming to computers at some point this...

Cross-platform space MMO Nebula Online has launched today

EVE Online has a little bit of competition in the hardcore kitchen this month, as indie title Nebula Online launched today on iOS, Android,...

Japanese top card battler Shadowverse launches on Steam

Shadowverse might not have the street recognition in the west that, say, Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone does, but over in Japan the digital...

Riding Club Championships brings you into the world of online horse competitions

Let's face it: Horses are downright expensive in real life to acquire, maintain, and train for professional championships. There is no doubt that you...
Robot unrock.

Livelock’s launch delayed, no new date set

Friends, the headline pretty much says it all: Livelock has decided to delay its launch without announcing a new release date. The delay affects all...

No Man’s Sky possibly delayed (again) on the PC

The last time No Man's Sky announced a launch delay, it caused no end of a ruckus on the internet from disgruntled fans. Now...

Naruto Online is launching on Wednesday

Ninjas? Anime? MMO releases? All of this and more is coming to you this week, courtesy of Naruto Online's launch on Wednesday, July 20th. Based...

Kalonline delivers a hardcore Asian MMO with lowcore requirements

Move over summer plans, for Kalonline has arrived! OK, maybe we're getting a little carried away here, but we thought you might want to know...

Darkfall: New Dawn launches its public InDev server

One of the two Darkfall reboots has sort of won the race to release, as New Dawn announced this past week that it has...
Big empty.

No Man’s Sky developers thank players for their understanding of its delay

Those eagerly awaiting No Man's Sky must continue to eagerly await a bit longer, as the game's current delayed release is August 9th in...

Shroud of the Avatar goes persistent on July 28

The date of Shroud of the Avatar's pseudo-launch is just a little more than a month away, as Release 32 has been set for...