EVE Online sunsets legacy APIs, delivers December economic report, and talks next week’s patch

May 8th, 2018. This date is important for players and community developers who are using older versions of EVE Online’s API, as those legacy systems will be discontinued in favor of focusing on the newer ESI API instead. This means that any third-party software that relies on legacy systems will need to migrate to the new system or risk obsolescence.

“The ESI API is built to modern industry standards and provides superior documentation compared to both its predecessors,” the team wrote. “Early on, we acknowledged that transitioning to ESI would require extra effort from the third-party community, but we were and still are certain that it would be a strategic mistake to split the API teams focus by maintaining two legacy systems. By focusing on ESI, we can maintain our current development momentum long term, and keep bringing third party developers the new features they need to make the best applications they can.”

CCP also backed up its info truck and dumped all of December’s economic data all over the community. If this is pertinent to your profit-making and future plans, then you can dive into all of the charts and data to see if there’s an advantage to be grasped.

Finally, don’t forget that the January patch is scheduled to roll out next week on the 9th.

“The January Release focuses on a number of fixes, as well as Improvements to The Agency and Forward Operating Bases, and a rework of the ammunition reloading system. This release also includes more work to bring better graphics and textures to deadspace areas in missions, with more updates to textures and shaders on a large number of deadspace objects.”