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Official Site: Ashes of Creation
Studio: Intrepid Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

New MMORPG Ashes of Creation demos environments in new video

The Ashes of Creation team has released a new video to cap off the week, this first one literally a first look at the Unreal Engine-based MMORPG’s enviroments — five of them at least by our count.

We spoke to Intrepid Studios Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard following the early reveal of the game this week. The team is made up of a number of former SOE and Daybreak MMORPG veterans, having been founded in 2015 to begin production of the game in 2016. “It’s definitely, 100% an MMORPG,” he told us. “We think that a massively multiplayer RPG should be MASSIVE.” The game is predicated on a “self-sustaining cycle of player activity” that’s “sandboxy in nature” with “a lot of curated PvE content.” Ideally, the team is hoping to have a playable alpha out next year, with a final launch at least a few years out, and yes, there will be a Kickstarter, but it will be a sub-based title.

There’s also a fresh FAQ up that addresses a few questions about races (eight of ’em), non-faction design, archetypes (eight of those too, but also more — you’ll see), the node system, the housing and farming systems, PvP, PvE, graphics, and how you can make money off the game. Here’s the PvP bit:

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Exclusive interview with Ashes of Creation’s Jeffrey Bard, formerly of Daybreak

Yesterday we covered a tip about a new MMORPG in the making: Ashes of Creation. Apparently we caught wind of this title before it was fully ready for a world reveal, but when Intrepid Studios heard about our story, the team figured this was as good a time as any to talk about its project.

Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard sat down with us for a lengthy interview to introduce the game and its studio. In a nutshell, Ashes of Creation is an ambitious sandbox MMO that’s being crafted by industry veterans, including several from Daybreak, that will empower players to change and mold a game world instead of passively moving through it. The game is still in the early stage of development but has extensive plans laid out for its path forward.

Let’s dig into what Ashes of Creation has in store as it enters the MMORPG scene this month!

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Ashes of Creation promises a sandbox MMO full of organic events

A wild MMORPG appears! Your excitement or skepticism is super effective!

So here’s your out-of-the-blue MMO reveal for Tuesday. The game is called Ashes of Creation, a relatively new project that is focused on making an expansive sandbox with an ever-changing world that players shape and mold through combat, economy, and choices. The website looks attractive enough, but solid information on Intrepid Studios and team members (who purport to be industry vets) is somewhat vague.

The creator’s inaugural post lays down the framework for the game’s design philosophy: “We’re creating an MMO based on our core principles as designers; we believe in choice, organic events, player narratives and massive communities. All of these come together in what we call our ‘Living World.’ Players will shape the world we create through dynamic quests, castle sieges, our settlement system, an economy that goes well beyond the auction house, and player housing (among many other systems). We’ll set up the initial state, you decide where it goes from there.”

Ashes of Creation claims to be funded thus far from the team lead’s pockets and other limited investors, although there will be a Kickstarter coming in the future. For now, check out the website and the following pair of concept videos, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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