SMITE throws a week of birthday festivities

Touting proudly (and weirdly) that SMITE is almost out of its "toddler years," Hi-Rez Studios is throwing a week of celebration for the MOBA's third birthday. Starting tomorrow and running through March 27th, SMITE will boast ongoing and daily events to mark this occasion.

For the full week, SMITE is activating double login bonuses and handing out a birthday global emote to any player that gets a single win during the promotion. There's also a schedule posted of daily sales and giveaways that include free gems, a free enigma chest, and triple worshipers. The studio is also planning to run another community skin contest, starting tomorrow.

Hi-Rez recently put development of mobile spin-off SMITE Rivals on indefinite hold in favor of focusing more on a different spin-off, SMITE Tactics.

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Ultima Online starts testing pet patch, teases 20th anniversary plans

Did you realize before you saw this headline that the granddaddy of all graphical MMORPGs is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year? Yes, we are all that old, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

This week's Ultima Online newsletter is short but packs a punch. The team reports that it has loaded Publish 97 onto the test servers with a huge focus on animal taming and pets. There are a ton of new pets to gather, including dinos, beetles, and dragon wolves.

The Ultima Online team is planning a 20th anniversary celebration in meatspace this September in Virginia, but if you can't make it, there's plenty of in-game surprises coming too.

Producer Bonnie Armstrong teased what's coming later this year: "We are starting the planning stage for Publish 98 that includes a 20th Anniversary Event arc, Halloween, and Anniversary rewards [...] One small teaser I will announce is one of the new items we are offering for the 20th Anniversary -- a jewelry box!"

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EverQuest turns 18 years old, throws birthday bash with free heroic characters for everyone

One of the most famous and longest-lived MMORPGs is celebrating its 18th birthday today. Back on this date in 1999, EverQuest released to a much different gaming world than what we have today. Since then, it has released 23 expansions, switched to a free-to-play business model, and endured when many of its contemporaries have sunsetted.

Daybreak is cranking up the anniversary festivities with loads of activities, starting with the completion of two player-designed missions that were drafted up back at SOE Live in 2014. There are new rewards and marketplace items, as well as the return of all of the anniversary content from previous years. Gotta get your gnome race on!

Even better, the studio is handing out free heroic toons. "All players who have ever played the game will be granted a heroic character if they log in between March 16th and March 31st," Daybreak says.

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The Stream Team: Xsyon survives six years

Long before survival games became all the rage, there was Xsyon. In fact, it may very well be what started Massively OP's MJ on her survival path. She played the game in the early years as it was developing, but she hasn't been back in a while. It's definitely time to jump in and check things out again. Maybe this time she won't die to crazy chickens or psychotic squirrels! It's not like the Ides of March is all about death. Oh. Tune in live at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate six years of survival in...

What: Xsyon
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 5:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

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Dungeon Fighter Online brings out male mages for its second anniversary

Believe it or not, one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world right now is actually Dungeon Fighter Online. The anime title boasts a strong following on Reddit and has been high up in the charts for monthly digital sales. You may not be playing it, but chances are that someone you know is.

DFO is also a relatively young game, having just hit its second anniversary in its current incarnation. The devs and community are celebrating the birthday as new male mages join the game's playable lineup.

Players seem pretty psyched about DFO's birthday, sending in congratulatory videos to the dev team about this occasion. Check out how the community is celebrating after the break!

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Wakfu is throwing a birthday party -- and you're invited

Happy birthday Wakfu! The colorful isometric MMO is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week, and it wants you to be a part of the fun.

Wakfu's birthday bash includes in-game events, a special fifth year quest, discounted Steam packs, a puzzle game, a bonus XP weekend, and even a special gift if you enter in the code "WAKFU5YEARS" in your account. Altogether, players have spent 21,300 years in the game and created 9,233,210 characters. Give or take one or two toons.

We've got the fifth anniversary trailer for you after the jump, and as a special bonus, we've also included Massively OP MJ's recent video adventures in the game!

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Old School RuneScape celebrates its fourth birthday

One of RuneScape's better and more popular experiments is celebrating its fourth birthday today. Old School RuneScape, the 2007-era version of the game that started up four years ago to cater to those looking for a more classic experience, has arguably become as popular if not more so than the standard RuneScape client.

To mark this occasion, Jagex is throwing an in-game bash courtesy of Party Pete. Players who participate can snag themselves a Gnome child's hat, a war ship, and a cow outfit. The studio also opened up a dozen new worlds to accommodate the growing demand for Old School RuneScape.

"This year is a double anniversary for Old School RuneScape; not only does the game celebrate its fourth birthday, but it's also the 10th anniversary of the 'snapshot' server we used to bring Old School to life," said Producer Mathew Kemp.

Source: Press release, Old School RuneScape


DC Universe Online's sixth anniversary events have arrived

Daybreak's having a rough month, but the team working on DC Universe Online is indefatigable. Case in point: The game turns six years old today, and the devs have just rolled out a massive anniversary update, complete with the long-awaited Metropolis Antimatter Invasion Zone, the new 8-man Centennial Collapse raid, and new loot.

"The sixth anniversary of Daybreak Games’ DC Universe Online (DCUO) is here, and with it comes new limited-time in-game events that will unite Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Players must travel through time to a new version of Metropolis, where a Qwardian invasion from the Antimatter Universe threatens the Earth, and take on the Anti-Monitor to save the world from destruction. All participating characters will be scaled up to a high combat rating to allow players of nearly all levels to join this fight to save the world."

The anniversary Anti-Monitor events run through the end of January, so getcher capes on. We've got pics and a brief video down below. Happy birthday, DCUO!

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Tibia celebrates its 20th birthday

One of the longest-running MMORPGs in the world is celebrating its 20th birthday this week. German MMO Tibia launched back in January 1997 and racked up over 30 million player accounts in the subsequent two decades. Even now, Tibia is being played by 100,000 people every day.

CipSoft co-founder Ulrich Schlott had a few words to say about this anniversary: "Tibia is a unique success story. I’m happy and grateful that our student project has grown into such an MMO hit, supported by a very dedicated team and, most of all, by our wonderful players. Even after 20 years, we’re not running out of ideas for Tibia -- I’m sure the game will keep attracting players for years to come."

Last year, Tibia made headlines for a decade-old mystery of a locked door that was finally accessed. You can read up on the history of Tibia in our Game Archaeologist column and see how the game world has grown over its 20 year lifespan in the following anniversary video.

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Happy birthday, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and thanks for the trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic is celebrating its fifth birthday this week, and to celebrate, Producer Ben Irving has penned a new dev blog thanking... you. In fact, BioWare has used thousands of your in-game screenshots to generate a celebratory portrait collage.

"As I look back on the past five years that have led me from launch crunch, to the reincarnation of Revan and on through the delivery of six expansions including notorious Hutts, the re-awakening of an evil Emperor and the introduction of the most evil family in Star Wars," he writes, "I realize that there is one part of this journey that stands out for me above all others... the relationship I have with you, the fans."

Irving also teases the fifth anniversary awards rolling out to the game. Oh yeah, and there's a new trailer, dubbed Accolades. You can't have a SWTOR day without a trailer!

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Happy fourth birthday, War Thunder

Is every game having a birthday this week? MMO-lite War Thunder is crashing the cake-eating festivities with its own birthday party, and it's starting early!

"On the first of November, War Thunder will have reached its 4th year; 4 years of development, improving, and progressing further, while being enjoyed by millions around the world; 4 years of thrilling online battles in the sky, on the ground, and very soon, at sea," writes Gaijin Entertainment. "This journey is one where we have travelled alongside you, the players. All of our achievements are thanks to you too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and a very happy birthday to us all!"

Beginning tomorrow, the studio will kick off daily 50% sales for vehicles of different factions, with big sales for premium access starting today and more promotions rolling out over the weekend, including a "last stand" PvE event in Mozdok and a hashtag competition.

Happy happy birthday!

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Happy third birthday, Warface

Crytek F2P online shooter Warface is busy celebrating its third birthday with a super twitchy trailer and a round of new content for players.

"In Operation Black Shark, players infiltrate a gargantuan skyscraper which is being constructed by Blackwood, the military arm of a cabal of supranational corporations," declares the press release. "Fighting as part of an elite squad dispatched by Warface – the special-operation forces formed to oppose Blackwood – players must battle hard, smart, and as a team to work their way through each enemy-flooded floor before bringing the tower down. Gamers will take on Blackwood’s finest troops, lead-spitting automatic turrets, and a relentless horde of cyborg warriors in an all-action tower raid that demands players evolve their tactics on the fly. The new Special Operation arrives in a game update today, which also adds new achievements for players to unlock and weapons to use in-game."

Crytek says Black Shark marks the title's 37th "major game update." Dang. That trailer is below.

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Happy birthday, Path of Exile, and grats on quadrupling your team

Path of Exile is celebrating its third birthday this week, and if the number of devs working on the game is any indication, the game has no intention of slowing down.

"Three years ago, on October 23, 2013, Path of Exile left Beta and was formally released," Grinding Gear writes. "Since then, we've launched five expansions, fourteen challenge leagues and countless smaller updates. Path of Exile has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Russian, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Over those years, Grinding Gear Games has quadrupled from 22 staff members to 88."

The studio itself is approaching its 10th birthday; it's planning a "Ten Years of Gears" party.

Path of Exile's most recent update -- last week, in fact -- was a significant overhaul of the atlas system introduced in September's Atlas of Worlds expansion. The game is also busy prepping for Halloween with seasonal bonus lockboxes.

Massively OP's MJ Guthrie will be streaming the game tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EDT, so join us then!

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