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Warframe celebrates five years and 38 million players

Warframe continues to defy expectations for online gaming playerbase sizes. A year ago, it boasted 30M registered players. As of today, it's up to 38M....

Nexon’s MMORPG Mabinogi is about to turn 10 years old

Nexon's adorable and frankly underrated free-to-play sandbox Mabinogi is preparing to celebrate a decade of life come March 27th, and that means events galore...

Revelation Online dishes out birthday presents on its one-year anniversary

It has already been a full year since the release of Revelation Online in the west on March 6th, 2017, and the game is...

Pokemon Go brings back party-hat pikachus, announces bulbasaur for next community day

I have to admit that Pokemon Go's really been on a roll lately with the rapidly rolled out events. Despite some bugs during the last community...
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Otherland marks franchise’s birthday with a patch announcement

In the annals of MMOs, Otherland is a virtual baby, only a couple of (rocky) years old. Yet the overall franchise is much older...

Old School RuneScape turns five, kicks off $20000 prize pool tourney

It's time for parties and cake in Old School RuneScape. That's because the throwback version of the game is turning five years old today....

World of Tanks console celebrates four years with 14 million players

The juggernaut known as World of Tanks seems unstoppable, with 14 million players to date in its console versions alone. The title is celebrating its fourth...
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Star Trek Online claims 5.2M players over its lifespan

If you haven't noticed, this month marks Star Trek Online's eight-year anniversary. There have been plenty of giveaways and events going on in the...
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Path of Exile celebrates its fifth birthday, looks at trade filtering on Xbox

It's Path of Exile's fifth birthday (since the game went into open beta, that is), and the team taking a moment or two to...

RuneScape dishes out its 2018 roadmap

Get ready to "juice your sq'irks," whatever that means, because RuneScape is hitting 2018 at a dead run. Looking at the year ahead, Jagex...

Dark Age of Camelot welcomes players back with a free month for its birthday

Happy birthday Dark Age of Camelot! This month, Mythic's (now Broadsword's) classic realm-vs.-realm MMORPG celebrates its 16th birthday following its 2001 launch. The team raised...

Happy birthday to Fallen Earth, Aion, World of Warships, and Warhammer Online

This particular part of September is loaded with MMORPG and MMO birthdays. In addition to ArcheAge, whose corgipocalypse we've been covering already, and Ultima...

Neocron celebrates 15th anniversary with secrets and free transfers

Happy birthday Neocron! The mature sci-fi MMORPG turns 15 years old this month, having survived rebirths, transitions, and a decidedly niche status during its...

Guild Wars 2 has begun doling out anniversary presents; here’s what to expect

ArenaNet is rolling out birthday and anniversary gifts in honor of Guild Wars 2's fifth year of life. In the mail, fifth-year characters will nab...

Ultima Online is giving away six ‘grandfathered’ castles for its 20th anniversary

While Ultima Online these days allows players to own only a single house on a production shard per account, that rule will be broken...

Happy first birthday and 3.2M accounts milestone, Mu Origin

Webzen is celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of mobile MMO Mu Origin -- and it's got stats! The game counts over 3.2...

Skyforge celebrates its second anniversary with giveaways, trivia contest

While you weren't looking -- or maybe you were -- Skyforge tucked two years of live operation under its belt. The sci-fi action MMORPG...

Pokémon Go celebrates its anniversary with a hat-wearing Pikachu

It is genuinely hard to believe that it has been a year already since Pokémon Go took the world by storm (and dominated the...

Anarchy Online celebrates its sweet sixteen

Maintenance mode or no, Anarchy Online is going to celebrate its birthday in style. The MMO, which launched back in 2001, turns 16 this...

Marvel Heroes got you a cake plus half-price heroes for its 4th birthday

Marvel Heroes is turning four years old this weekend - can you believe that? That's four years of freebie heroes, blowing stuff up, baby...