Champions Online starts its four-week anniversary event

At one year shy of a full decade, Champions Online has defied all odds to become the longest-running superhero MMORPG on the planet. That calls for a celebration, and for the game’s ninth anniversary, Cryptic has planned four weeks of activities and gifts for its community.

The fun started yesterday with a “Save the Cats” quest that pays out in perks, action figures, and (presumably) hairballs. Players can also wander over to watch Sapphire perform her anniversary concert right in the middle of the city, or fight mobs for a chance at special anniversary loot. There are even new costume pieces to collect, including cat ears, a royal crown, and a twitchy tail.

Feeling nostalgic for Champions? Indulge in the latest episode of Battle Bards, where the crew goes through the game’s soundtrack!


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It’s saddening how things have declined.

Even a steadfast fan like me has a few doubts now. I joked in zone chat to the tune of “what are we getting next year? The evil Belle Damp wants to moisten the candle wicks on the cake! Jump in the puddles around MC with sponge shoes to foil her nefarious deed?”

Sadly, a judgement against the low depth of content releases(Save the World was technologically insulting) means you hate the game, and nobody who plays it will like you or talk to you anymore. Shun….SHUN!

So be it, I guess.

It’s not healthy to prop something stagnant like this. Makes you tired…


As gaudy as it is, I was pleased to get my first vehicle as a gift today. The first thing I did, of course, was fly to the top of the tallest building in the central hub and fling myself from it. As you can still direct yourself in freefall, I wanted to hit the cake and get a screenshot of my corpse on top of it with all the NPCs dancing. I didn’t quite hit the cake, but much to my surprise I also didn’t die. Lost two-thirds of my health, but otherwise survived a fall from the tallest building I’ve seen so far.

Love this game. It’s pure fun.

Castagere Shaikura

Nice shots.
And yeah it is a fun game. So sick of MOP and people here crapping all over it because COH got shutdown. It wasn’t champions Online’s fault.

Does not check email

Well since you felt the need to bring it up….


You’re very right. We can crap on it through its own merits! Or lack thereof.


Yup, I don’t think it had any part in the CoH shutdown. That said, I crap on it based on the game itself. It’s depressingly easy to do with the barebones support they give it though.


…the game always reminds me of what could of become. It got Roper and doped and never really moved on from there.

I would of like to come back to this game as a place to go to when CoH was shut down…but could never bring myself to it. Because it lacked many on the things CoH had, as well as painful reminder of said game I could never go back to…

….but don’t let that stop anyone else who enjoys this game. Go you! :)


there’s a perk reward for jumping off the building in the 3rd pic~ the dark one sorta at 12 o’clock in the img with the landing pad thingie jutting out

just stand there, turn off your travel power and jump :P

for what it’s worth
the game gets regular content updates, but many non-champs regulars seem to think: content = zones / lairs blah blah
but yeah it gets some regular attention, mishandled IP and not advertised at all, sure; but not as atrocious as some might claim

also, i don’t think i have ever willingly wanted to fly through trees till this event showed up ^^