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MyWorld empowers players create and link their own ARPG levels

If you are the sort that has ever looked at online game design and thought to yourself, “I could do so much better,” then it’s time to put your boasts to the test by checking out MyWorld. This software allows players to whip up their own action-RPG levels and then connect them with others to make a near-infinite sprawling patchwork quilt of worlds.

“At the heart of MyWorld is the ability to link worlds together, construct multiple level games and adventure through them with friends,” a press statement said. “Via portals, game makers and game players can cross over into worlds created by other users and play the action RPG they’ve made to be discovered. Any game level can be linked to any other level and can be easily chained together to create a unique experience.”

The software is currently 25% off at Steam. Get your first look at MyWorld after the break!

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Summoners War MMO emerges from mobile game

We have seen our fair share of mobile game spin-offs from MMORPGs, particularly eastern titles. The reverse isn’t as common, but today we do have word that one mobile title has grown in popularity enough to warrant the creation of a full-fledged MMO.

MMO Culture is reporting that South Korean developer Com2uS has announced that it is crafting an MMO based on its Summoners War turn-based strategy RPG. There’s little known about the Summoners War MMO other than it might be the first part of a wave of spin-off projects from the mobile title.

Summoners War was released back in 2014 for both iOS and Android devices and has since racked up over 50 million downloads.

Source: MMO Culture


Redside, a fifth City of Heroes spiritual successor, takes the field

At this point, we have to ask whether we as an MMO community are being pranked on a large scale with a deluge of City of Heroes spiritual successors — or this is simply a testimony to the enduring legacy of that superhero title.

In either case, there’s a new player on the scene a bit different from the previous four City of Heroes wannabes. Redside is positioning itself as a successor to City of Villains, offering players an experience to play on the evil side and indulge in those grand plans to conquer the world. As long as there’s a maniacal laugh emote, am I right?

You might want to keep a lid on your excitement with this one, however. From all appearances, the project looks very barebones and far more conceptual than anything at the moment. Brass Lampworks is looking to raise $45,000 through Kickstarter to get the development process started with the hopes of getting an alpha test going by April 2018.

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Mekria Online MMO Kickstarter promises ‘a world of consequence’

Player choices with long-reaching consequences: These are the promises of Mekria Online, a new PvP-heavy MMO that’s seeking some funding to push past the pre-alpha demo stage.

In the game’s FAQ, the devs say that Mekria Online “addresses a large majority of pain points found in today’s MMOs, such as hyper-sexuality, a live balancing system, [and] innovative combat and classes, just to name a few.”

“We will be addressing hyper-sexuality through a more functional armor system; the gameplay of one’s character will changed depending on the armor type they are wearing,” a representative for the game told us.

While there is a lot of emphasis on the game’s PvP system (including the ever-popular bounties), the team did mention that Mekria will sport a robust PvE side as well. The game will feature five races and 10 classes that journey through a world in revolt.

Mekria Online is currently seeking $110,000 through its Kickstarter campaign. An alpha is planned for the first part of this year mid-to-late 2017, with a launch to hopefully happen in late 2018 2020. You can listen to some of the music from the game and check out the Kickstarter pitch after the break.

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NetEase announces Justice, an MMO four years in the making

If you have more than a passing interest in NetEase’s upcoming Revelation Online, you should also keep an eye on another title that the studio has been developing for four years now. Called Treacherous Waters overseas, the martial arts MMO has been dubbed Justice for English audiences.

Justice is supposedly based on a Chinese novel and will contain plenty of martial arts-style combat and luscious eye candy. The first character from the game, a woman clad in red silk, was shown on a Chinese website and paired with a cryptic description.

We are still waiting to hear more on this MMO-in-the-making. A beta schedule for Justice will be revealed in early 2017.


Shadow’s Kiss gives backers a sneak peek into this vampire MMO

If you’ve been getting tired of online games that keep denying you the pleasure of consuming your victim’s bodily fluids and playing around with dead things, then Shadow’s Kiss would like to lure you into a dark alleyway and whisper in your ear curdling delights.

This title is attempting to step into the void left unfilled by the now-cancelled World of Darkness by creating an MMO in which players can be the nasty little vampires they always wanted to be. With necromancy, territory control, lairs, and something called “blood dolls,” Shadow’s Kiss obviously relishes its dark supernatural setting.

Right now the title is in pre-alpha, although that doesn’t mean it’s denied to us mere mortals. In fact, you can straight-up purchase pre-alpha access right now from the game’s store to test the game, which its game director calls “both exciting and terrifying.” Shadow’s Kiss looks to be funded partially through Patreon and store sales.

One thing’s for sure: No matter how development on this game progresses, Shadow’s Kiss is really going to [puts on sunglasses] suck big-time.



Twilight Spirits unites the east and the west with a dose of bullet-time

Here’s a new title that came across our desk this morning and might warrant some of your attention. Twilight Spirits is an action-packed Chinese MMO that’s being developed by Revelation Online developer NetEase, sporting “cinematic-like” visuals and over-the-top combat.

The game boasts classes like the Gunslinger and the Assassin, and seeks to fuse both eastern and western MMO design philosophies. Expect lots of PvP (guild battles were just added in with the most recent build) and anime-styled cutscenes. Twilight Spirits uses a non-targeted combat system and bullet-time slowdowns, so action combat fans should be pleased.

Twilight Spirits went into its second closed beta test in China on November 4th. You can check out a few trailers after the break to get a better feel for this flashy and possibly fun MMO.

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Japanese top card battler Shadowverse launches on Steam

Shadowverse might not have the street recognition in the west that, say, Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone does, but over in Japan the digital card game became a force to be reckoned with after its release this past June. The title has made in-roads across the Pacific, having launched on iOS, Android, and — as of yesterday — Steam.

The free to play card battler boasts over 400 voiced cards, a PvE campaign, seven distinct classes, and astronomical combinations. Some users have praised the game for its vivid art style, clear card mechanics, and lower dependence on RNG. “‘Like Hearthstone, but better’ is pretty much the simplest way to explain this to most people,” one player commented.

Get a feel for Shadowverse with its trailer below!

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EverQuesting: Could Daybreak’s new FPS be an EverQuest?

With the constant clamoring from fans for Daybreak (or someone) to create an honest-to-goodness next-gen sequel to the EverQuest franchise, you’d hope that it would actually happen someday. Obviously EverQuest Next itself didn’t pan out — not that everyone considered that title a sequel or even deserving of the EQ name. But it was impossible not to find a glimmer of hope at the news that Daybreak was hiring for positions involving a new game.

And then even that tiny flame of hope was snuffed out. The upcoming unannounced title is apparently a first-person shooter, a multi-platform FPS. That doesn’t sound very compatible with the Norrath people want. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be the Norrath people get!

Now before you hyperventilate: This is just speculation. I know EQIII the FPS is a longshot. If it has any ties to Daybreak’s existing portfolio at all, the new game is much more likely to be related to PlanetSide 2. Chances are it is just a brand-new game and concept. But that doesn’t make the speculation any less entertaining. How would you envision a Norrathian FPS? These are a few of my thoughts.
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Riding Club Championships brings you into the world of online horse competitions

Let’s face it: Horses are downright expensive in real life to acquire, maintain, and train for professional championships. There is no doubt that you would have your own purebred filly save for your financial limitations and inability to approach a horse without screaming in panic.

Fortunately, there’s another way to get that equine fix, which is by downloading a free copy of Riding Club Championships. This online game, which released this week on Steam, focuses on competitive show performances, including jumping, racing, and something called “pole bending.”

Riding Club Championships promise more than just barebones PvP action. Horses need to be acquired, bred, trained, and leveled up while going on quests and participating in the weekly tournament. You can also take part in RCC’s “multiple chat rooms” to jaw with others about your mutual love for these majestic, terrible creatures.

Source: Steam. Thanks Armsbend!


Wasteland 3 is coming with snow and multiplayer

The second sequel to the 1988 post-apocalyptic classic CRPG Wasteland is coming — and it’s bringing multiplayer with it.

InXile Entertainment announced today that it is in pre-production for Wasteland 3 for PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In a first for the series, this game will include an optional multiplayer co-op mode for the campaign. Players can choose to play in this mode as either synchronous or asynchronous, controlling their own parties and sharing the same map even if one member is offline.

Wasteland 3 is set in Colorado and will have a winter theme to it, with the game’s tagline is “time to conquer the cold.” InXile is making numerous improvements over Wasteland 2, including an overhauled dialogue system, the addition of vehicles, environmental hazards, and an improved action system.

The studio is looking to raise $2.75 million through crowdfunding, although this time it is going with Fig instead of Kickstarter. Its crowdfunding campaign will launch on October 5th, but you can go ahead and bookmark the preview page if you’re interested.

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Battleheart 2 announced, will come with four-player co-op

Mika Mobile is returning to the series that made it a star in the mobile games industry, as it announced yesterday that it has been developing Battleheart 2 for a few months now with the hopes of a 2017 release. The major change for this sequel, in addition to a new art style, is that it will support four-player co-op.

“The game supports up to four players, with each nominating one or more of their individual characters into a communal party. Want to group up with three pals and have a little mini-raid? That’s the idea,” Mika said.

There are plans to simultaneously launch the title on both Android and iOS, with cross-platform play enabled (a PC version is also being considered). Android gamers are still smarting over Mika abandoning the platform back in 2012 (citing difficult development and a low return on investment), only to return a couple of years later with Battleheart Legacy and updates to its older games.


Crossout brings road warrior action to Steam early access

A morning commute to work or school can become a lot more fun if your vehicle has the capacity to clear a path with a hood-mounted howitzer or a diamond-tipped chainsaw under the bumper. While Ford and Toyota are working on such concept cars, you can live out this fantasy right now courtesy of Crossout.

Crossout is a post-apocalyptic vehicular MMO in which players can construct custom rigs and then take them into battle. The good news for Mad Max fans is that this game recently arrived on Steam early access. If you’re willing to chip in $30 and look past the unfinished nature, then this gritty future is all yours to explore.

Curious about Crossout? Learn more about the title by checking out our E3 preview of the Russian title.

Source: Steam


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