EVE Online shows off overhauled icons

All right, when people made fun of EVE battles looking like a field of Icons, I feel like the wrong lesson was learned here.

Big battles in EVE Online take place over long distances. Players need to be able to zoom out and get a sense of the battlefield, which means that they are almost entirely reliant upon the icons displayed for the various ships around them. As part of the current project to modernize the game’s UI, the team at CCP is working on changing up the display icons for the game, starting with a comprehensive re-do of the icons shown for ships, structures, and other objects that players will see out in space.

The goal was to create distinct icons that would be obviously different at a glance without radically changing the overall shape or profile. If you’re an avid EVE player, take a look and see how well you can unpack new information from the field.

[Source: Icon dev blog]
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