Trove’s Fish ‘N’ Ships update is live


Fish and chips is a dish of English origin consisting of battered fish and french fries, preferably served with tartar sauce for the fish and ketchup for the fries. It’s tasty. Fish ‘N’ Ships, on the other hand, is an update for Trove that you should most definitely not attempt to eat, even ignoring that updates are a metaphysical concept not suited for consumption. Glad we got that cleared up.

That having been said, the update adds all the nautical bits of joy you could ask for: ships, a treasure island biome, a pirate captain class, and the ability to sit around and fish. Exactly what it says on the tin, in other words. Check out a full trailer for the update just past the break, and if you can load the game up now, get ready for some nautical antics.

[Source: Official site]
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