Diablo III previews upcoming Season 3 rewards


Diablo III players who want to take part in a brand-new season of play don’t have much longer to wait. The third season starts on April 10th¬†and expects¬†players to roll brand-new characters to take on the game’s challenges as a group. True to form, there are unique rewards for those who brave the depths with a fresh character and start racking up achievements.

Players who take part can look forward to new conquests and achievements, complete with a new pennant and portrait frame for those who earn 100 and 400 seasonal achievement points, respectively. There are also cosmetic pieces rewarded to anyone who raises a character to level 70 during the season and new legendary items exclusive to season players until the season ends. If you’re a fan of the game, you should consider taking on the season challenge as well; you’ve got a little over a week to make that decision.

[Source: First look: Season 3]
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