SWTOR’s Rise of the Emperor finale is coming next week

BioWare launched Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Rise of the Emperor patch yesterday alongside a brand-new trailer we’ve included below. The patch drops players on the Sith capital planet of Ziost in a continuation of the last expansion’s plotline.

Massively OP’s SWTOR expert Larry Everett wrote about his experiences with the patch on the test server, criticizing the character writing, confusion quest direction, the smallness of the world, and the unsatisfying story ending.

Dulfy reports that BioWare has admitted the “incomplete” feel of the patch isn’t all in Larry’s head; the story just isn’t over yet. “Without spoiling anything, there have been some questions about the end of Ziost currently and whether this is intended or not,” community manager Eric Musco writes on the forums. “It is 100% intended, it is not a bug, and there is definitely more coming… And it is coming soon. The finale event for this story will happen Monday, May 4th and it will not require a patch.”

[Source: YouTube, official site, forums]
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