Roll a Warlock in Dungeons and Dragons Online next month

Time to roll up a new character in Dungeons and Dragons Online! In a new producer’s letter, Robert Ciccolini said that the team will be introducing the Warlock class to the game next month. The Warlock is a more sinister class than others with the ability to forge pacts with fiends and other forces in exchange for power.

Ciccolini said that after June’s Warlock will come July’s Update 27, which will contain an adventure pack in Shavarath. Not content to rest with that, he mentioned that Turbine’s hard at work transferring the game servers to a new data center in order to reduce lag and will be whipping up a new in-game storefront for later this year.

We spoke to Turbine last week about the future of the game and were teased about the Warlock content.

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