Atom Universe takes the theme park model literally


The metaphor of the MMO as a theme park has been used heavily over the years, but in the case of Atom Universe, it’s not so much a metaphor as a reality. This new game is aiming to create a virtual amusement park in which players can interact, enjoy rides, and take on minigames.

Currently, the free-to-play title is in pre-alpha early access on Steam and only contains a central hub, a discotheque, a ferris wheel, vehicles to drive around the park, and a shooting gallery ride. There are plans to add a mini-kart racer and a motor stunt ride by launch.

The developers have placed an emphasis on interacting with the environment (you can sit on park benches!) and with other players. There is also the option to create private spaces for players and their immediate friends to enjoy together.

You can check out Atom Universe’s trailer after the jump!

Source: Steam via Reddit
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