Marvel Heroes 2016 arrives this December with tons of initiatives


Come this December, Marvel Heroes will be upgrading from its 2015 version to 2016, representing the new model of superpowered gameplay heading our way.

Gazillion said that instead of a do-over, as Marvel Heroes 2015 was, Marvel Heroes 2016┬árepresents a multi-stage initiative to keep adding “tent-pole” features and content to the game. These initiatives will include the Secret Invasion story chapter, controller support, visual updates for characters launched back in 2013, leaderboards, Steam achievements, the launch of the Mac client, the Savage Land patrol zone, a Thanos raid, and more All-New, All-Different goodness to match the comic book trend.

Gazillion Studio Director Jeff Lind pumped fans up for the next stage of Marvel Heroes: “I truly believe our game is better than ever now, and the rebrand to Marvel Heroes 2016 represents our never-ending initiative to continue improving for the next year and beyond.”

Source: Gazillion press release
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