Today’s Secret World update opens two more Nightmare raids


If you are into raiding in The Secret World, today is a good day to die… or live and loot, depending on how things go! Today’s 1.12.6 update opened up two new nightmare versions of familiar raids; both The Corpse Island Nightmare Raid and The Corrupted Agartha Nightmare Raid are now live on servers.

The update also served up a few bug fixes in combat, missions, and the UI — much to the relief of the Marya Warriors NPCs in the Demolition Man mission who will no longer deal friendly fire damage with their shotguns. And anyone who cringed at the Lab Tech’s escalating tirades in the Manufactory: Breached dungeon can rest easier as she was “sent to anger management, and her cursing will no longer become more frequent with each wipe.”

Source: Update notes. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!
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