Mytheon releases its Egypt DLC (and it’s on sale)


You might recall that last month, Petroglyph Games brought back Mytheon, a cute isometric MMO that’s steeped in cultural mythology. You might also recall that the studio said that if all went well, it would dust off work that was done previously on a new Egyptian region and finish it up.

Well good news, everybody: Egypt is already here for the game. Even better news: It’s on sale as a pretty cheap DLC pack.

Egypt raises the level cap in Mytheon to 40 while adding a whopping 66 stones to the game (which is a lot better than it sounds to non-players). There’s also a new Thebes adventure area with nine new maps, a dueling instance, and a new PvP scenario.

So what’s the story behind the new DLC? “The gods of Greece have been defeated, but they are not the only pantheon who has risen up against mankind. In this expansion to Mytheon, the gods of Egypt, led by Anubis, have laid siege to the city of Thebes. Only the mightiest of Stonecasters can hope to prevail against this new threat!”

Source: Steam
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