Landmark’s huge hotfix supplements storytelling, adds save feature


Landmark is still gearing up for launch, and last weekend’s hotfix was was pretty huge. Storytelling received some significant attention: Not only are story nodes smarter and easier to use, but a new reset node, a new “activate everything” event, and a new story-saving feature were introduced. The save feature will allow builders to resume their work wherever they left off when editing, regardless of what state players participating in the story left it in. The reset, on the other hand, lets the builder ensure that visiting players will get to experience the story fresh from the beginning by restoring the saved state of all props and creatures.

Additionally, there’s a new (harmless) training dummy prop that will beat on you, and builders with full permissions can now switch between play and edit modes on a friend’s build site. And let’s not overlook one super welcome fix: The prompt to interact with items will no longer appear unless creatures or items have active interaction links on them!

The changes don’t stop with storytelling! Props, building, Chaos Caverns, the UI, the Marketplace and Gallery, and goals also received attention. Read up on all the changes and fixes in the patch notes.

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