Path of Exile releases expansion ‘manifesto’

Path of Exile has a new “manifesto” out this week describing the full extent of the balance changes coming in the 2.3.0 patch.¬†Of note, expect tweaks to

  • environmental traps, chaos conversion, the Hexproof buff, and taunting;
  • unique jewel rarities, weapon stats for hybrids, support gems, and scepter and wand values;
  • skills like Ancestor Totems, Enfeeble, and Shield Charge as well as Arcane Vision in the passive tree;
  • and dungeon content, including a new boss.

Furthermore, “Cruel, Merciless and Map content requires various rebalances,” says Grinding Gear Games. “Rather than apply arbitrary buffs to life and damage, we have instead added monsters with new skills to higher difficulties, and applied various corrections to specific monster skills.”

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie spoke to the POE team earlier this month for the full scoop on the the expansion; it’s expected to launch next week on June 3rd.


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