World of Warcraft devs want to bring more flavor to professions in Legion


A new expansion is as good an excuse as any to stir the pot and make big changes to an MMO, since players are already in the mode to adapt. Blizzard is tossing in several adjustments to professions come World of Warcraft: Legion in the hopes of providing more “flavor” for crafters and gatherers.

In a profession livestream yesterday, Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit discussed how the studio is adding more steps to some of the profession tasks to take players out of static recipe windows and into the world. He also addressed the heated Blood of Sargeras controversy, saying that the studio is looking into providing other ways for non-gatherers to get them but doesn’t want to make the items bind-to-account in fear of pressuring players to wield armies of alts.

Blizzard said that crafters will be able to make top-level gear at the onset of Legion, up to ilevel 850. However, as the expansion continues and the gear levels get pushed higher, crafters will fall behind until or unless Blizzard creates higher-tier recipes.

The studio also addressed the major change to inscription following the removal of the glyph panel. Apparently scribes will still be able to make glyphs, except that now these will be consumables.

Source: Twitch via Blizzard Watch

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