Aion launches Echoes of Eternity on July 13th

Past the crimson fields of... wait, sorry, wrong bit.

The Tower of Eternity is a big deal in Aion‘s lore. One could even describe it as the nexus around which the rest of the game has been built. Now, after having been sealed off for centuries, the field protecting the tower is wearing off, giving players a chance to storm the tower and recover an artifact that may very well be able to save either Elysea or Asmodae… at the cost of the other region, leading both player factions to fight for the right to exist in the upcoming Echoes of Eternity expansion.

So that’s as solid a lore premise as you could ask for in terms of motivation, but what will the expansion patch actually contain? You can see all of that in more depth on the teaser page, naturally. Two new areas will open up for exploration, along with two new gear sets and the new Archdaeva power enhancements. There are also new instances for players to explore, offering challenges to put your reawakened powers to the test. The update is going live in a bit under two weeks on July 13th, but once it does, this are going to change pretty darn quickly.

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