Asian mobile MMO Chaos Legends starts taking beta sign-ups


Snail Games has a new MMO in the works, and this time the studio is aiming at your mobile device instead of your PC. Chaos Legends is an Asian-themed MMO that incorporates Chinese mythology and a rather elaborate backstory involving demons and war between two nations.

While Chaos Legends will have the core MMO features you’d expect, the mobile title also automates a large portion of the gameplay. Players can have their characters automatically run missions and even instruct their avatars to grind mobs while the player is offline.

Chaos Legends’ closed beta is now running, and interested parties can sign up to be part of the test on the official site. Snail is also tossing out incentives for those who participate in this CBT: “As a special treat, those who participate in the beta test will be eligible for rewards at launch! Help report bugs, glitches, and errors that you encounter in the beta, and actionable bug reports will result in bonus prizes!”

There’s a short closed beta trailer for Chaos Legends lurking for you after the break.

Source: Chaos Legends via Droid Gamers

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