Star Citizen’s new season of Around the Verse shakes up the format


Season three of Star Citizen’s long-running Around the Verse series is kicking off this week with a special guest: Chris Roberts himself.

Roberts joins regular host Sandi Gardiner to introduce the new format of the show, which’ll now have a Star Citizen feature deep dive; segments focusing on ships, environments, characters, visuals, or props; and a report from one of the four studios working on SC or Squadron 42. “I’m pretty excited about this new format as it’s going to allow you all of you to see a lot more of what I see on a daily basis which is pretty cool,” Roberts says. (The general consensus on Reddit so far is that it’s much shorter but higher-quality with more technical details.)

This episode includes a report from the LA offices working on atmospheric flight, a look at the almost-flight-ready Reliant ship, and a behind-the-scenes clip on the GrimHex locale’s unique and grungy wearables. Watch below!


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