What drives Star Citizen’s superbackers to spend $10,000 or more


By now, Star Citizen’s crowdfunding success is quite well-known. But perhaps what isn’t common knowledge is that there is a group of players — the so-called “superbackers” — who have spent upwards of $10,000 on this upcoming title. The group is growing so large that RSI has even created a special in-game club just for them.

Kotaku posted an interesting piece that looked at these superbackers and what motivated them to spend so much money on a game that wasn’t even out yet. For the most part, each of these fans said that he or she started small and kept buying ships over time, leading to a large cumulative total.

“I don’t know why I caved,” confessed one serviceman. “It looked cool […] I bought the Rear Admiral package, and then new ships would come out and I’d pick them up slowly. It wasn’t like one big burst of money. But I was buying every ship that came out.”

The superbackers interviewed cited trust in the studio, love of Chris Roberts’ previous games, and the fun of being part of the backing experience as reasons for investing so much into the title.

Source: Kotaku. Thanks to Cotic for the tip!
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