Lost Ark takes you on a sumptuous visual journey

Lost Ark takes you on a sumptuous visual journey

There’s a new eight-minute trailer out for Lost Ark, and if you’ll pardon a mild spoiler, it’s flat-out amazing. It’s almost as if the trailer needed eight full minutes to hint at everything this upcoming action-RPG has to offer, including a castle siege during a thunderstorm, hidden easter eggs, and some intense (if not localized) cutscenes.

Steparu compiled a list of information that came out of a Lost Ark media event. The current plan for the game’s testing is to move through three stages of closed beta before one final test in Korea, during which the level cap will be set at 30. There’s still no word when the game might jump over to the west.

Grab your popcorn — for snacking, not snarking — and settle in to enjoy the gameplay video after the jump.

Source: Steparu

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