EVE Online’s next patch is all about mechanical and visual redesigns

Out mining space rocks in the space-sun, I fought the law and I don't think anyone won.

The next EVE Online patch is all about redesigns that cross several levels. Mining barges, for example, are due for a visual patch to make them… well, not prettier, exactly, but more detailed and more appropriate for their existing role. They’re also due for a balance patch to tweak functionality out in the field, which is happening at the same time. So players can look forward to several such tweaks of both visuals and game mechanics with the patch due out for September 13th.

Other ships on the redesign block are the Executioner, the Slasher, the Griffin, the Bantam, the Maulus, and the Probe. Capital ships in general will also be part of a balance patch, with an alteration of anti-capital weaponry to make these weapons line up better with existing capital weapons. So no matter what you’re flying, you have decent odds of it getting some significant upgrades when the next patch for the game goes live.


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