Landmark begins issuing 10-day trial keys


Players who haven’t experienced the wide-open wonder of Landmark now have a free option at their disposal. Daybreak recently announced that it is issuing 10-day trial keys to players who don’t own the game in the hope that they will check it out and find it compelling enough to purchase. Obviously, you won’t be able to grab multiple keys; the studio said that only one key can be used per Daybreak account.

Landmark might be worth visiting this week, too, as the game dropped a new patch yesterday with some fun new toys. Players can now craft reward chests to put on their claims (or dungeons!) for others to loot. Other additions with the update include a new smoothing option for the fill tool, a few new story tool mesh shapes, and the ability to modify monster health and damage.

Source: 10-day trial, patch notes. Thanks Fredelas!

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