Player-designed gear arrives in Warframe’s cash shop

There are a couple of topics I don’t like to post about on Massively OP, and cash shop releases are one of them. But sometimes there’s something notable in the release that just demands attention, and Warframe has done that this week with its latest round of Tennogen sale items.

Like Valve with Dota 2, Digital Extremes allows players to post their creations as Steam Workshop items. The most-upvoted and highest-quality entries are incorporated into the game for sale, with a cut of the proceeds — 30% — going to the original player artist. As of post time, 71 of 365 items uploaded to the Workshop have made the cut, and that includes all of the items in this week’s update, from helmets to skins to back pieces.

Any of you ever made any money modding a game? How did you find the experience?

Source: Official site, Steam Workshop. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy!
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