Path of Exile promises improvements to the Atlas system

In a development manifesto for Path of Exile’s relatively new Atlas, the team at Grinding Gear Games identifies some of the problem areas with the system and lays out what it will be doing to improve them. At least four major changes to the Atlas will be coming with an undated patch.

“The Atlas system introduced in Atlas of Worlds has been a huge success. Players in both permanent and challenge leagues have enjoyed exploring, unlocking and crafting the Atlas. When any big system is released, it is hard to get everything right in the first pass,” the team said.

Speaking of patches, 2.4.0f dropped last week, bringing some bug fixes, an autoreply command, and several new “amazing” microtransactions for the game’s store. These latter additions include lightning armor, the acid magma orb, and the tentacle caustic arrow. See them in action after the jump!


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