Camelot Unchained tests grouping and fidgeting in prep for guilds


Stress testing continues in Camelot Unchained this week, according to a dev post from CSE Producer Tyler Rockwell. “This is something that just needs lots of vetting in order to make sure we’re in a good place to use that work as a base to start on guilds,” he says. “We’ve also made continual improvements and bug fixes to the currently available ability components, so continued testing in that area remains a priority. […] For this weekend’s testing, we will have Wyrmling Prep open for our Alpha and IT Backers. If the test goes well tonight and tomorrow, we may open the servers for our Beta 1 Backers as well.”

Of note, he says the team’s been focused on grouping systems, skill scripting, components, stats, consumables, combat logging, deflection, and — my favorite — fidget animations. And how’s the server work coming? “Improvements are being made this week on our multi-server tech to streamline it,” Rockwell explains. “The work being done now will put us in a good position to tackle the next phase…. Transferring projectiles between islands/servers! This tech, while difficult, and a little ways off from completion, gets us closer to those bigger land masses with large battles! We never said what we are doing is easy, but it’s a necessity if we want to move the genre forward.”

It wouldn’t be a CU dev diary without some weapon WIPs, so here they are!

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